Olay recently launched their latest skincare range 'Olay Whips'. An innovative skincare range that is formulated with Active Rush Technology that transforms the product from cream to liquid and instantly absorbs into the skin.

With a 'light as air finish', Olay's moisturisers provides 8 hour shine control and features a hold-and-release delivery system that holds 1000x it's weight in hydration and active ingredients as well as delivering powerful results in reducing the effects of ageing. 

Tried and tested, these moisturisers instantly absorb into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and lightweight as if I don't have anything on my skin.  Regardless of skincare, during Summer my skin is always tacky for the few minutes and have to wait to allow the product to be absorbed especially with anti-ageing skincare and occasionally I do get a shiny nose or forehead no matter how lightweight it is, but with the Olay Whips I found that my skin was not only hydrated throughout the day but balanced and I didn't experience any shininess  There are three products in the range to choose from depending on skin needs - Regenerist Whip, Luminous Whip and Total Effects Whip.

Total Effects Whip 
Formulated with Vitamin C and E, this nourishing moisturiser delivers 7 benefits in one: replenishes moisture, evens skin tone, enhances brightness, smooth fine lines, minimises pores, restores firmness and reduces dark spots.  Similar to the original Total Effects but different texture and hydration time-release.  I have used the original and I personally prefer the texture and feel of this moisturiser.

Regenerist Whip
Formulated with advanced Amino-Peptide Complex II, this moisturiser actively hydrates, improves skin elasticity, firm skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Also similar to the original Regenerist moisturiser but different texture and hydration time-release. I have also used this one in the past and love the original and totally love the Whip.

Luminous Whip
Formulated with key tone and pore perfecting ingredients to brighten, hydrate, even skin tone and minimise the appearance of large pores as well as featuring a unique formula of Pearl Optics Technology (Inositol and Vitamin B3). My skin is instantly cooled when applied. I found it to be the lightest out of the three.  It's refreshing and pleasant and I love using this as well.

The Olay whip range is perfect as I can get the hydration and anti-ageing benefits in a lightweight formula.

Olay Whips retails for $48.99 each and  is exclusive to Priceline and can be purchased online here or in store. 

Samples were gifted at Olay Whips launch