As a regular straw user, owning reusable straws made sense. I wanted to do my part in helping the planet.  I have sensitive front teeth and use straws when drinking anything cool/cold.  At first I had reservations about stainless steel straws.  I was worried that when sipping cold drinks the coldness would transfer through the straw to my teeth, but that is not the case.  The straws do go cold but not enough to affect my teeth. I was also concerned about it's hygiene with fruit and milk residue building up inside the straw as it seemed impossible to clean, but when I received my pack in the mail, it came with a nifty cleaning brush.

I received a pack of two. Made from stainless steel, these are extremely lightweight and sturdy. They are made with a unique rounded mouthpiece for safe and comfortable sipping.   You can choose from straight or bent straws. I wanted to try the bent straws. I have one straw for home and one in my handbag for work. Every morning I have a nice cold breakfast shake before I leave for work. I recently took these with us when we went away and will be packing these in our suitcase when we go on our overseas holiday.

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There's are 6 combination packs that you can choose from. They comes in packs of 2 or 4 and a choice of colours.  This packs retails for $10.95 with a pack of 4 retails for $21.95.

For more information on Cheeki Drinking Straws visit their website here.