I've recently discovered the brand JUST Swiss on Instagram and was intrigued by their products. I did some research online and was surprised how well established this company was and I liked what I read so I contacted the brand in hoping they could send me some products to try and review.

JUST started in 1930, from a little village nestled deep within the Swiss Alps, Ulrich J├╝strich. Their focus was to create a company with a natural approach to well-being and health. The brand is available worldwide and sold in over 35 countries. Why have I not heard of this brand before?

JUST products are preservative free, using the finest grade and 100% pure and natural essential oils and extracts. They are also cruelty free, not tested on animals and dermatologically tested on volunteers.

I received the Wild Mint and Lime Body Wash, Arnica, Mallow and Sage Pedi Cream, Camomile Hand Cream as well as three deluxe samples of their herbal creams.

Wild Mint | Lime Shower Gel 
I love anything citrus. I find Citrus scents stimulate and invigorate the body and senses. This shower gel smells divine. The Wild Mint is the first thing I can smell followed by a hint of lime. It has a medium consistency. Applied on wash cloth this shower gel does not produce a lot of suds but skin still feels cleans and fresh. Skin feels moisturised and soft.

Wheat protein is an active ingredient that helps care for skin and leaves skin feeling good, while the Aloe Vera calms and soothes the skin.  Overall this is a lovely shower gel, perfect for the entire family to use. 

Arnica | Mallow | Sage Pedi Cream
This foot cream comes in a small 30ml sealed tube. Perfect to pop into your handbag or travel bag. This cream has a thick consistency. It refreshes, relaxes and invigorates feet. It has a mild deodorising effect due to the sage and also combats foot perspiration. Arnica soothes aches and pains as well as reduce an inflammation and swelling in the feet while Mallow is calming, soothes and maintains the skins moisture and stops the skin from becoming rough, cracked and dry.

Chamomile Hand Cream
This hand cream comes in a small 30ml sealed tube. To break the seal you need to pierce it with the top of the lid, like you would medicated creams. This is to ensure the product stays fresh. The scent is gorgeous.  I cannot pinpoint it but it reminds me of when I was little and mum used to use moisturiser for my body!  Its very comforting. The cream has a thick consistency but as you massage it into your hands the cream dissolves immediately leaving hands soft, smooth and supple with no greasiness residue. The natural active ingredients in this cream form a “glove effect” through an invisible, non-oily coating that protects the skin from external factors. It strengthens the skin, provides elasticity and restores the youthful appearance of hands. 

Marigold Herbal Cream helps with the healing of wounds. It can be applied on abrasions, cuts, burns and acts as anti-inflammatory and fights bacteria, viruses and fungi. It works by protecting and caring for sensitive, damaged skin. Due to its high fat content and moisturising effect, it extremely beneficial for sunburn or minor burns. It is even suitable for children.

Tea Tree | Manua | Rosaline Cream helps with skin problems like acne and warts as well as open wounds, scars and burns. It has a regenerating and calming effect and it leaves your skin feels pleasantly soft and silky. Rosalina is an active ingredient and has a broad antibacterial spectrum and a calming effect on the skin, while acting deeper and strengthening the immune system.

Thyme Herbal Cream helps and soothes the respiratory tract and has antiseptic, antispasmodic and tonic properties. This cream has a high proportion of thyme, camphor, eucalyptus and pine swamp and is rated as a good family classic and effective companion during the cold season. The active ingredients help treat, sooth and relieve respiratory tract of muscle spasms which in turn reduces coughing. It is even perfect for the upcoming Allergy season Spring.

Overall JUST  have some really good products.  They are reasonably priced as well. For more information about the brand or to purchase visit their website here.