With life being so hectic these days, it is becoming harder to find time to indulge, unwind and relax, treating our body and soul to some TLC. My time is so important to me that when I do have 'me time' I want the best for me and my skin. I want products that will make me feel good.

Noelle Australia have created a luxurious range of products using combined luxury of sensory delights from the wilderness together with the aromatherapeutic indulgence of the native plants that thrive in nature as well as create a range of holistic products that connect with our being and include them in our daily rituals. These products contain no preservatives, no parabens, phenoxyethanols, SLES,  dimethicones and no artificial fragrances. Instead Noelle products are naturally scented from essential oils like rose, cedarwood, lavender and geranium.

The Noelle Outback Luxury Nourish range features four products - body wash, body lotion, hand cream and face serum. All enriched with native extracts of Quandong and Wattleseed, wildly harvested from the arid regions and deserts of Australia. Quandong packs tremendous skin nourishing antioxidants, Wattleseed contains unique amino acid to protect our soft and delicate skin.

The Body Wash comes in a luxurious sleek rectangle glossy pink bottle with a unique design on the side, gold print and a gold lid. The body wash has a thick opalescent creamy consistency that lathers beautifully. Enriched with essential oils of Rose to help even skin-tone, Lavender to soothe and calm, and Geranium to improve texture and suppleness of skin.

The Body Lotion comes in the same luxurious bottle instead, it is black. The body lotion has a medium consistency that moisturises the skin beautifully with no stickiness or residue left behind.  It has also been enriched with essential oils of rose, lavender and geranium. Skin is left feeling soft and supple without feeling dry.  I love that my skin is left with a subtle floral scent that is extremely pleasant and comforting.

The Hand Cream comes in a small purse size tube that has a twist lid. I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped the lid of my moisturiser, so the twist lid is very practical. This hand cream has a rich thick non-oily consistency that is nourishing and soothing and leaves hands feeling soft without the stickiness. Enriched with the same ingredients as the body lotion and body wash, it protects hands and cuticles against premature ageing and harsh environmental elements by eliminating harmful radicals.

I honestly feel so fortunate to be in the field that I am as I get to discover so many amazing products and brands with Noelle Australia sitting on the top of my favourites list. It is a brand that I want to know more about their other ranges and experience it.

Prices for Noelle Outback Luxury Nourish Range
Body Wash - RRP: $19.95
Body Wash - RRP: $22.95
Hand Cream - RRP: $9.95

To find out more about Noella Outback Luxury Nourish range visit their website here.

Samples were provided for editorial consideration