Don't you just love when innovative products are designed and created in our gorgeous country. Aussies are such a creative bunch.

Personail (a Australian company) produces 100% nail polish wraps to suit anyone and any occasion. they have an extensive range of styles to suit and represent different types of personalities. In addition to their own designs, they also collaborate with other designers to bring limited edition wraps. I was kindly gifted a selection of super cute designs. They are made from real nail polish, each pack comes with 16 double-ended wraps of different sizes, cuticle pusher, nail filer and instructions on how to apply. 

The nail applications come in a strip and have an individual protective film over them. The nail application is a lot thinner than I expected which is a good thing meaning that they are much more flexible and I knew immediately that the finish was going to be good and professional looking.

Before applying the nail art you have to ensure that you clean your hands and nails. Make sure there is no oil residue, hand cream, dirt etc.

While the application technique is unique, no nail art adhesives will ever fit perfectly on everyone's nails, you will always have trim and customise to fit your nails but these are pretty damn close. It takes a few goes to get them perfect but that's like with anything new we try. I was extremely surprised that after a few wrong attempts I was able to easily peel off and reapply without losing any stickiness.

With each application you will need to trim the trims and best way to do this is with the nail file. File downwards to remove excess nail art and this will gently cut away the excess and leave your nails with the perfect fit. I finished it off with a Personail's top coat to seal in the edges and make the adhesive nail art last longer.

In just under 15 minutes my nails were completed including the top coat which dried super fast. Please excuse my horrible hands.  The Winter has taken a toll on my hands making them extremely dry and my cuticles cracked.

Personail say that these should last up to 10 days on your nails.  I have had these on for 5 days and they are still going strong.

If your feeling creative, you can mix and match to customise your own designs by mixing a plain pack with patterns.  The choices are endless.

Personail Nail Polish Strips are such good value. I will get another set out of one pack. These retail for $15.99 and are available at David Jones.