I love supermarket beauty products as they are definitely stepping up their game in the industry. Woolworths brand voeu have released a new Naturals range that includes a cream cleanser, face scrub and day and night cream with price retailing between $8-$10.

I was kindly sent the range of new releases and I was immediately impressed by the ingredients list. Jam packed with goodness the range includes a combination of naturally derived ingredients including Vitamins A&E, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil and the native Australian Kakadu Plum. My favourite ingredient and very exciting as Kakadu Plum contains 100 times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange and four times the anti-oxidants of blueberries so you can imagine how good it is for the skin!

On first impressions on using the products, I immediately fell in love with the texture, scent and the way it felt on my skin.

I was given the opportunity to hit up voeu Brand Ambassador, Jules Sebastian with some questions I had on the new range as well as her skincare hacks on how to achieve such gorgeous skin.

What do you look for in a brand when it comes to becoming an ambassador?
I am very passionate about speaking from a place of experience and authenticity when becoming an ambassador. I like to live with and use the product in my everyday life so I can tell people how the product really works.

Before knowing about Voeu Naturals what were your thoughts on supermarket skincare?
I have actually used an array of different beauty product over my life span, supermarket skincare included! I think you have to try and test things before you write them off as being a more affordable way to take care of you skin. I can truly say that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have great skin.

How is voeu different to what is currently on offer in Supermarkets?
Voeu offers an entire range for all skin types, and you can mix and match products across the core, anti-ageing and Naturals ranges to create an entire skincare routine for under $30. I like the voeu range because it offers age specific and skin-type specific products for mature skin or those with sensitive / combination or dry skin. I also love the new Naturals range, because it offers naturally derived, Australian ingredients – something that has always been difficult to get at supermarket prices!

What were your first impressions about the brand?
I was actually blown away by the thought, research and passion that the Woolworths team poured into the brand. I met the scientist who came up with the formula’s for each product and was able to get a great understanding of the whole process. They had the customer in mind when making all of the ranges. Making a quality product that was affordable and convenient to purchase was something that really stood out to me.

I know you are a busy working mum and wife, how do you always look so fresh on TV and what is your one skincare hack you swear by?
Firstly, thank you! My skincare hack is without question to wash your face morning and night! I know it might sound obvious but its surprising how many people go to bed with a dirty face. It’s so important to start and end the day with a clean moisturised face.

When searching for skincare in the supermarket what do you look for?
Something that looks pretty for one! I think voeu has a beautiful way of presenting an affordable product in expensive looking packaging. It also contains no parabens or micro-beads and is dermatologically tested. I just want something that does what it says it will do and delivers the best possible result.

The skincare range smells divine, what is your favourite product in the range?
I love the Naturals Facial Scrub. It smell so good and has walnut shell exfoliating material and Kakadu Plum which has 100 times the Vitamin C that an orange has!

What does this mean for consumers having skincare with quality ingredients made affordable and easily accessible?
It’s just another thing you can take off of the ‘to do’ list! I know for me, if I can do one less thing in my day, that is great. Being able to go to Woolies for my groceries and pick up my skincare at the same time saves me time and money. The fact that is is packed full of amazing ingredients is an absolute bonus!

Australian skincare brands are stepping up their game when it comes to quality ingredients, but making them available in supermarkets, do you think peoples perception will be different because they are sold in supermarkets or do you think women are a lot more savvy these days when searching for affordable skincare?
When I first stared working with voeu some of my girlfriends were asking me what was so good about it. My simple answer was that it was convenient to get a hold of, it was affordable (and you can get so many products in the range), and it works. A luxury ingredient is a luxury ingredient no matter how you look at it. It’s the exact same thing if you buy it in the supermarket or not. It’s important that the product delivers, and from using it, it does. When I visit my friends bathrooms now, so many of them have changed over to using voeu – they love it!

Voeu Naturals is exclusively available in Woolworths Supermakerts in store and online.  For more info check out their range here!