How many times has your skin been aggravated from environmental factors like sun exposure, wind, or by beauty maintenance like shaving and lasering.  Products like aloe or tea-tree is usually used but sometimes it's not enough or if your like me tea-tree is a skin irritator for me. Or Paw Paw balms sometimes are just not enough to heal irritated skin.

Melan Recovery is a soothing and restorative balm formulated for sensitive or reddened skin. It combats the reactive signs of inflammation, reddening, sensitivity or irritation by providing instant relief. It does this by soothing and rebalancing skin with it's calming and soothing active ingredients like Extract of Rhodosorus marinus - a red algae that helps to reduce skin sensitivity, redness and irritation, Prebiotic defence - an antibacterial ingredient to help skin's defence system to perform at its best, Alfa-bisabolol - a cosmetic ingredient derived from chamomile extract that has a calming and soothing effect for sensitive and sensitised skin and Vitamin B3 - an active ingredient that prevents hyper-pigmentation, improves skin tone, boosts the elasticity of the skin and helps to prevent the reappearance of blemishes an Shea Butter - re-balances and restore moisture in the skin.

This multi-tasker balm is a soothing and restoring balm.  It's lightweight texture and formula is non-greasy when applied and absorbed almost instantly. It leaves a thin satin-like film barrier on the skin protecting it from further irritation.  Skin is instantly cooled and stays cool for several minutes.  Not only does it calm skin but also prevents new hyper-pigmentation from forming.

The balm is hypoallergenic so can be used on sensitive skin. I have already used this product on my son who suffers from mild skin irritations like me during the Winter months.  He suffers from reddened and irritated skin on the cheeks and chin and sometimes around the mouth area.

With the warm air-conditioning at work and the harsh cold weather outside my cheeks usually gets irritated and can stay red for several hours.  I found that this balm settles the redness as well as the sensitivity that I usually experience with the vast temperature variation.

As I will be travelling in the next few weeks this will be coming on board with me as my skin get extremely irritated when flying, so this will be the true test on how well this product will work on skin at it's worst and I will update here on the blog upon my return.

For more information on Mesoestetic Melan Recovery, call Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011 or check out their website here.

Sample was provided upon request for testing for editorial purposes