We spend a small fortune on fabulous skin care, anti-ageing makeup, and new haircut. And one glance in the mirror tells you that 50 really is the new 35, until you look down at your hands.

Our hands are one of the first places where we see the signs of ageing, and also the area most people neglect when it comes to skin care.

One reason for the telltale signs, is that hands are frequently exposed to sunlight and all its photo ageing effects as well as age spots, also known as liver spots.

The skin on the back of the hands is so much thinner than on our face or neck, it not only succumbs to the ageing impact of the environment, but it also is more susceptible to the ageing process in general.

As skin thins, dark spots and pigmentation begin to appear, while veins and tendons become more obvious -- a look that is often associated with a few extra candles on the birthday cake!

The good news is your hands can hold your birthday secrets and you can look as young as you feel. SPF hand creams are becoming more common so it is easier to protect our hands.  Using SPF hand creams everyday and as often as you need to apply before you go out in the sun, in winter or summer will help halt at least some of the damage that comes when the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Here are some tips to keep your hands young

Our hands are probably the most exposed parts of your entire body. So every time you step out of the house, make it a habit to slab some SPF on them.

It doesn't matter what brand you go for, Australia has very strict rules when it comes to SPF so any brand will do.

To keep hands soft and smooth, you should also apply hand cream religiously especially after touching water.  The trick to well moisturised hands without the greasy feeling is not apply the cream to the palms but on the backs of your hands and rub together first and whatever is left rub your whole hands together.  Doing this at least once a day will already do wonders.

Before you grab the first hand cream off the shelf, make reading a habit and check just what the product has to offer. So here is a little checklist to help you out.

What’s In A Good Cream?
Moisturiser- Hyaluronic Acid, Urea
Emollients of silicon, glycerin
Cosmecutical peptides
Lightening (this is for age spots)- look for Licorice Root, Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone

Whether your current hand cream has SPF in it or not, you can add some sunblock to it when applying. I use my face sunblock and mix it with my hand cream because I currently have a basket full of hand creams that do not contain SPF so until I use them all up I compromise by adding in the protection.

Here are a few of my hand creams of the moment.

To help get rid of those dead skin cells, you want to exfoliate at least twice a week. You should exfoliate the backs of your hands to help bring out that youthful, radiant glow.

Lastly, don't forget your nails. To get stronger nails, apply cuticle oil every day, even over a manicure because healthy nails start with healthy cuticles.


  1. I never thought of exfoliating my hands! That's definitely something I should try. There are no liver spots on my hands, thank goodness, but they are terribly wrinkled! I know I should take care of them better, but I always forget to re-apply the cream after washing them.


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