L'Oreal have added a trio of exciting face scrubs to its skincare collection. Made with white, blonde, and brown sugar that is 100% naturally sourced, making the exfoliant rich in essential nutrients. The Pure-Sugar Scrubs offer three different formulations to accommodate different skin types. 

The Nourishing Scrub helps soften and smooth skin, Glow Scrub is to brighten skin and Purifying Scrub helps to clear blackheads.

I received this Nourishing Sugar Face Scrub in my gift bag from the L'Oreal 'Beauty For All' Showcase.  This sugar scrub contains Cocoa Butter which is rich in fatty acids to soothe dryness.  It also contains coconut oil to protect the skin's barrier and cocoa grains to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and soften skin. 

The formulation while smooth and buttery, has grains of cocoa giving it an exfoliating quality that leave skin feeling cleansed and nourished. Smelling like chocolate, this product is delicious.

Simple to use, applying on dry skin and massaging in circular motions followed by rinsing.  Skin is left soft, supple and smooth.  This scrub is gentle enough to use as a lip exfoliator and almost good enough to eat!

L'Oreal Sugar Scrubs retail for $19.95 each and are available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and supermarkets throughout Australia.