Opallac have kindly sent me their U.V Gel Polish Kit to try. Nervous, excited and intrigued emotions are happening all at once. 

I love getting my nails done but I cannot always afford it, being a mum I have other priorities that need to be tended to first! Fortunately the Opallac Gel Polish Kit is extremely affordable, only $99 and exclusively available at Priceline.

Opallac Starter Kit is everything you need to get salon gel nails at-home. The kit comes with:

Instruction Kit
7Watt UV LED Lamp
3 x Gel colours (Cosmolicous, Seductress & High Tea)
1 x Gel Base Coat
1 x Gel Top Coat
1 x 2-in-1 Shine & Soak Solution
1 x 30pk Remover Wraps

Colours shown in my photos are not the ones that you will get in the kit. The image below is what is how the kit is sold. So if you like the colours I have or you may be interested in other shades Opallac also sell their polishes individually.

Opallac claims the gel polish to last up to 14 days, with no dry time, no chips or smudges. I love putting these claims to test!


Opallac's Gel Polish is easy to use, you just follow their steps, and you are well on your way to creating beautiful nails.

Before you get started take the time to file, shape, trim and buff your nails into the desired shape, then wash hands. Do not apply any creams or cuticle oils as this can cause your polish not to dry properly which will result in peeling once placed under the UV LED lamp.

Apply thin layer of base coat.

Cure for 90 seconds in the lamp

Then apply thin layer of colour polish. Cure for 90 seconds in the lamp. Repeat.

Apply thin layer of top coat. Cure for 90 seconds in the lamp.  Once you have completed remove the sticky residue from nails by using cotton wool soaked in the shine and soak solution, and rubbing over each nail.

I have to admit I loved the experience.  It is easy to use but my first attempt was a bit bodgey. I did find the nail colour quite thick so the consistency throughout my nails was uneven.  Next time I will be more aware of it and ensure I take better care.  

But overall, I am pretty happy with the results.  The gel polish lasted around 8 days before there was evidence of peeling.  This is probably due to the fact of the uneven application.

When it comes to removing the gel polish, it's just as easy as the application.  The product is a soft gel so it CAN be soaked off.  Cut 10 strips of the Remover Wraps. Soak one at a time and apply to each nail. Set a 4-5 minutes timer on your mobile phone.  Remove  and peel one at a time. 

With a couple of my nails I had to reapply the solution and remover wrap and leave a little longer due to the thickness.  All my nails escaped unscathed!

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the ease of use. Of course I need to perfect the application and that comes with practice.  I would continue using this and I would purchase different colours as well.

For more information on Opallac and their range of nail colours visit their website here.