Milky Foot is a revolutionary miracle product.  I suffer from dry heels and I reckon more than the average person (see image below), not sure why though, maybe its because I'm in thongs and sandals 99% of summer so my feet are exposed to all elements and drying out my skin, regardless how often I soak my feet and use a foot file as well as moisturise, my feet will look great for a couple of days and then they look dry again.  I'm all for DIY beauty mainly because I am time-poor but also, I find it extremely hard to find anyone who does a great pedi.

Warning photos may be disturbing!

Here is a lovely image of my feet!

The Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads is a quite intensive treatment that exfoliates your skin to remove any rough patches.  It contains exclusive ingredients, ExMilac and Almond-based Mandelic Acid. They work by using enzymes that help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin along with additional exfoliating agents.  

I was eager to try Milky Foot, as it sounded way too easy for it to be effective.  Just slip your feet in a bag and relax for an hour and voila, within a week your skin should fall off revealing soft silky feet!  If only they sold bags for weight loss, lay in it for an hour and the weight just falls off!

It is important to read the instructions before commencing any type of treatment.  Milky Foot comes in three sizes Regular, Large and X.  I use the regular and I am a size 9.

Cut along the dotted line and then insert your feet

The Milky Foot treatment is very easy to use - simply cut open the two pouches and slide in your freshly washed and dried feet, it's like putting on slippers. I also put on a pair of socks to ensure the liquid in the bags are securely covering my entire feet, keeping the pouches snug and secure.

The Exfoliating Foot Pads are like plastic socks filled with gel. The sensation is cold and squishy. The product has a chemical smell but isn't unpleasant on the nose. For the first ten minutes it did make my skin feel a little tingly which is normal and then it went away.

Now relaxing time

It is important that you schedule some relaxation time for this process because once you have them on you need to wait 60 minutes. Oh, and make sure you wash any solution that go on your hands afterwards or you may have a surprise in a few days!

The peeling started around the 5th day. After showering I noticed there was loose skin hanging off my feet so I sat on the edge of the bath gently peeling the loose skin. I was barely touching my feet and the skin was falling off in chunks (the instructions states 5-10 days which is pretty accurate).

Do not peel any skin that is not ready to come off as you may peel fresh skin.

It can take up to 2 weeks for the peeling to stop, if you have a big event planned I would recommend doing the Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad treatment well in advance. Regular moisturising after shower is recommended if you want to maintain the softness of your feet. 

Removing dead skin from your feet is so ultra satisfying. I personally like the peeling stage, it's gross but so much fun!  I love this product. I have scheduled a Milky Foot treatment in my routine every 6 to 8 weeks, which is the recommended time. Obviously depending on the condition of your feet and whether you are disciplined or have a casual approach to foot care there are no rules as to when you should be doing it. 

 My feet will only improve with each treatment. I still have a little hardness at the heel but 90% had gone with just one treatment.

Milky Foot retails from $29.95 and available on their website here. They are also available at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

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