I love it when Mirenesse release new products as they always seem to be ahead of the beauty game. Mirenesse have released two new eye products dedicated to eyes.  The Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask and Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum.

Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum - $69
Infused with Cellular Peptide GF6 Complex, this eye aims to serums lifts, brightens and rejuvenates the eye area to leave it looking younger and feeling smoother.  It is clinically proven to boost Collagen in your skin by up to 550% within just 5 days.  With 35 powerful wrinkle repairing & regenerating active ingredients, including Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Micro Collagen & many more instantly lift and rejuvenate tired eyes.

All you need is one pump, it will dispense the precise amount you need for both eyes.  It can be used both morning and night.  Serum is lightweight and instantly absorbs into the skin. Skin feels soft and supple after application. 

I started using this serum just over a week ago and I found that throughout the day my eyes stayed  hydrated and plump, which is great as due to air conditioning in the workplace my skin tends to get dehydrated especially around the eye area.

Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask - $16 each
Infused with Retinol, Coenzyme Q10, Orchid extract as well as a combination of 21 Active brightening, hydrating firming ingredients they aim to give the eye area an immediate lift as well as hydration.

To achieve and maintain results it is recommended to use this once a week.  These came in handy as with the pollen and change of weather my eye area was in need of emergency TLC and after the first application I found my eye area had improved dramatically.  Not only did they look brighter and refreshed, but also appeared more plump and hydrated with my under eye bags almost disappearing.

The packet consists of two sticky pads, to be applied under each eye. The patches have a sticky backing which is great because you can walk around and still do stuff and they won't fall off. I left them on for 20 minutes. These eye sheet masks are not saturated in serum so after removing you do not need to rinse your face.

Mirenesse Eye Sheet Masks and Serum are available for purchase online on their website here.

Samples were gifted and review was optional.