Pep-start is a fairly new addition to Clinique's extensive skincare range, targeting late teens to early 20s who are just getting into the skincare game.  It's fresh pop coloured packaging is definitely inviting and fun, even I love it.

Clinique’s Pep-Start is simple range that is lightweight in formula that will perform exactly what the skin needs at skin this young.  No fancy ingredients or AHA's, just effective moisturising and vitamins to keep skin at it's best.  It's also fragrance and oil free.

Double Bubble Purifying Mask - $52
This is a refreshing gel-mask that instantly bubbles on your skin for an invigorating, deep cleansing, and purifying experience.  In as little as two minutes, this refreshing pink gel-mask transforms into a blanket of tiny bubbles, helping rid skin of residual surface oil, dirt, and debris leaving skin soft, smooth and supple without stripping necessary oils.  

Even though it is targeted for consumers in their late teens early 20s I have been using this mask on my son who is pre-teen to help him cleanse his skin.  After the two minutes I gentle massage his face with the mask to ensure that any surface oil or dirt is removed before rinsing.  It is suitable for all skin types.  I use this product once a week on my son.  There is no information as to whether this is a weekly use or not.  But at it's price I would assume it is a weekly routine product.

Eye Serum - $42
Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream has been formulated to brighten, refresh and hydrate.  It comes in a cute tube with a pop-up round bauble type head, which is great as it's air-tight and prevents germs from getting in. The serum has a light-weight lotion feel. It's cooling on application and skin feels instantly hydrated.

Contains a blend of seven peptides to help maintain collagen to ensure the skin stays firm and youthful for as long as possible. I have been using this eye serum for around two weeks and find it provides enough hydration my eyes need. Even though I am older than the recommended age for this but I find this serum works well during the warmer months.

Price point I think it's a little high considering the age it is recommended for.  I don't know many young peeps that could afford to spend almost $100 for only two products. But depending on my son's skin needs I would probably buy these products or him.

Clinique pep-start are available at selected pharmacies, Myer, David Jones and online here.  

Samples were part of a goodie bag from a previous event. My thoughts are based on my experience