Care for your feet in the same way you would your face. Our feet are hard workers. It carries our weight all day, walks on all surfaces as well as at times wear ill-fitting shoes. Even when it comes to foot care, sometimes feet are neglected like when in the shower and it seems so far to reach down. Feet should be maintained throughout all seasons to ensure they are in top condition and require less work the more often you primp them.  Here are my tips to help keep feet at it's best.

Always have time to wash your feet, scrubbing your soles and between toes. Use exfoliating gloves like these makes it easier. Whether you use exfoliating gloves, pumice stone or exfoliating salts, by using these tools you can prevents callus formation, combats skin buildup and prevent cracked heals.

Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream provides an intense moisture boost which is quickly absorbed and non-greasy.  By moisturising each night, you prevent your feet from drying and cracking. Specially formulated with MarineActiv™, Daymoist™, vitamins A and E and omega 6 to give keep feet silky and soft.  Scholl also have Foot Masks which I use.  It helps remove oil and impurities deep within the skin. Leaving feet looking and feeling refreshed and smelling nice.

RRP $19.99

I use the Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System to buff and shine my nails every few weeks. Nail care is very important. The worst thing is seeing yellow stained and rigid nails with open shoes. Little pinky toes can sometimes be a challenge to maintain and this is made easy using the Nail Care System.  Trim any dry cuticles, apply cuticle oil and even-out any broken or chipped nails. 

RRP $59.99

Caring for feet doesn't stop there.   There are a variety of Gel Activ and Party Feet insoles that help ease the impact on feet and make uncomfortable shoes/heels more comfortable .

Gel Activ Extreme Heels are gel insoles for high heels like stilettos. They feature a firm foothold and an ultra-soft gel pad that helps relieve pressure on the ball of the foot. Gel insoles solve a lot of heel-wearing problems. They can prevent toes from scrunching and prevent blisters. as well as arch shaping to keep pressure off your foot. The gel inserts stick to your shoe insoles with an adhesive. It is recommended to replace them every six months.
RRP $49.99

You can use the one pair on other shoes but I personally use an insole for each pair you own.  I don't swap and change depending which shoes I wear.  I leave them in the shoes and have a different insoles for each pair. 

Scholl products are available at Priceline, supermarkets and pharmacies.  They are also available on their website here and eBay store here.

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