So half the year has already disappeared, where I haven't got a clue. Christmas is literally around the corner and before we know it 2018 has arrived. I like to be organised but not so OCD (I used to be before kids, it was a losing battle!). But there is one thing in my life that I am very particular and organised with, is my diary and schedule.

Working full-time, looking after a family and extra curricular activities as well as blogging can get crazy and out of control and I need to have a schedule in place otherwise I would be overwhelmed and forgetful.

Owning a diary (or two) is super important because it is the only way I can see and plan my days, weeks and months ahead without any double booking or forgetting important dates.
So, I was super excited to be invited to preview diaries and journals for 2018 as I love shopping for journals and diaries. Call me old-skool but there is something personal about writing in a journal or diary versus using an iphone.  It's the scribbles, notes, post-its that are memories of how I felt on that day or week.  Electronic diaries don't give that, and also they are not 100% reliable!

Diaries and definitely making a comeback and what better way with an entire new range of modern, stylish diaries to get you started.  Here are my faves for 2018, courtesy of Collins Debden. They cater for everyone including budgets.

The Puzzler diary is a fun way to plan for your week by challenging you with featured puzzles on every week to an opening.  

Each month is a different colour, making it easy to flip open to the desired month.  It has a sturdy hardcover.

Puzzles and challenges are designed to stimulate the brain, just like brain training.  There are mazes, crosswords, word and number puzzles, science questions and more.

The Vanessa range comes in several sizes.  A4, A5, A6 and B6 & B7.  This particular one is pretty cool.  Comes with a heavily grained PVC flexible hard covering with double wiro binding inside.

Makes it easy to open flat and stay opened.  Pages are in cream colour with two day to a page as well a six-month opening calendar at the top.

This particular one comes with full-colour capital city maps at the back and internal page pockets.

The Lifestyle range is a new range featuring unique and fully curated to help users find their inner balance.  Featuring number of useful articles, goal setting, recipes, meditation exercises and healthy tips.

These come in a B5 size with a clear PVC snap closure cover with pockets, monthly tabs and full colour graphics inside. 

Each month comes with laminated tabs, to protect the edges from bending and tearing.

This is my favourite.  I am currently using this one for blogging.  I cannot tell you how many times already I have dripped coffee on the cover and lucky for the PVC covering!

The Colplan range offers a range of planners in two sizes. A4 and Slimline.  These are lightweight, with the slimline being compact and flexible.

The new 2018 range comes in modern and fashionable colours.

Vauxhall delivers style and substance with both their journals and diaries.  They offer feint lined pages in journals and either day to an opening or week to an opening style diaries.

Journals come in A4 size and diarys come in two sizes A5 and Pocket.  They also come in a range of bright colours and patterns.  Cover is hard and strong and easy to wipe down in accident spills.

What's your favourite style of diary or journal?

For more information and stockists on Debden Collins diaries and journals visit their website or visit their online store at


  1. very pretty! but i have stopped using journals in favor of microsoft outlook calendars. They are boring, but i could share important events with husband, and they come with reminder =d

  2. I also use the collins lifestyle diary and it's been my fave! Waiting for 2019 version to come out already haha!


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