Katy Perry the queen of pop has released a fragrance that is unique as her style. A surprising scent that differs from the usual celebrity fragrance that is sweet and fruity, but instead it's more towards a milky, woody, crispy musk scent. Displayed in a gorgeous simple black and white pillar bottle it's name INDI is short for Individual and this bottle and scent represents all that and more.

It is neither a feminine or masculine scent more of a gender neutral fragrance and smells amazing on either sex.

INDI has definitely surprised me.  It's a fragrance I normally wouldn't go for as I'm usually drawn to citrusy scents in Summer and leathery / sandalwood in Winter.

On my skin the scent is creamy and warm with a slight sweetness to it.  My skins pH level usually sweetens fragrances and with INDI the sweetness is just right.

The fragrance is artfully crafted with eleven different musks with top notes of oriental plum, white tea and Italian bergamot, Middle notes of fresh muguet, cyclamen and white cedar and with base notes of amber, vanilla and musks.

INDI retails for $69 for 100ml and is available through Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy. For more information visit or

Sample was sent for editorial consideration