Cover FX have released three ranges of minis - correctors, enhancers and concealers, that fit inside a baton stick. It was designed to make the Cover FX customisable products even more accessible and portable. The concept allows you choose two of your fave corrector, concealer or enhancer at any one time. It's lightweight and compact making it easy and fuss free for on-the-go touch-ups.

Cream Correctors
These cream colour correctors have been designed to be easily blended with your fingertips! The range comes in six shades, catering for all skin imperfections by cancelling out any discolourations or pigment issues you have with your skin. These can be used all over the face including the eye area, especially if you have dark circles.

For under eyes - Peach for fair to medium complexion, Orange for medium to deep complexion and Brick for a deep complexion

For redness - Green for light & medium skintones (colour corrects intense redness) and Yellow for light & medium skintones (colour corrects mild redness).

For dullness - Lavender for light & medium skintones (colour corrects yellow and adds brightness).

The consistency of the cream concealer is soft and glides on skin easily.  Blending is a breeze whether you use your fingers or a brush.  I personally prefer my fingers.  I applied the concealer underneath my makeup and found that it blended well with my foundation.  The peach is more suited to my skin tone as the orange is a little too dark, but will try it again in summer when I'm a lot more tanned.

Enhance Highlighters
These cream highlighters are designed to illuminate your complexion to give a natural healthy glow. The range comes in nine different colour variations.

The formula is creamy and easy to use.  It comes in a convenient stick to brighten, strobe, and highlight your complexion.  For best results Cover FX recommends to apply product on fingertips to warm up then apply to your face. 

The four shades shown are left to right:

Gilded is a warm dark bronze and a shimmery finish
Candlelight is a deeper golden bronze with a orange undertone and shimmery finish
Gold Dust is a light golden bronze with a peach undertone and a shimmery finish
Blossom is a light pink with a pearly finish

Surprisingly my favourite is Blossom but overall they are all gorgeous highlighters, all shades give my cheeks a beautiful glow. The finish is shimmery and a bit dewy, without any glitters.

My favourite part of the collection is the baton stick.  I am able to carry around in my handbag / makeup bag or when travelling.  It's lightweight and takes up minimal space.  The stick clicks in and out easily.

I love this collection.  It's cute and small and bloody good.  Definitely good value.  I will be adding a few extra colours to my collection as well as a couple of extra batons on my next trip to Sephora.

Cover FX Click Stick Collection is available at Sephora.  They retail for $29 each and the baton retails for $3.

Samples were provided at a Media event.