I am a lover of a bargain, but who isn't! Especially when it comes to makeup there are some things that are OK to buy budget and with the way the current colour trends are going and how often they change, I simply cannot afford to spend loads each month on makeup. Also with quality of budget makeup improving they are giving some high-end brands a run for their money.

The brand W7 was created in 2002 and is one of the fastest growing budget makeup brands in the UK & Ireland. Most of the products retail for under $20 and are all Made in England. What's even better is that W7 Cosmetics are a fully Cruelty Free company which also have many Vegan products.

Below are some products from their extensive range.

The Palettes

The W7 palette tin packaging is quite sturdy and strong. The shadows are fitted in a lasered cut foam insert that sits inside the tin packaging, which can be easily removed. The lid clicks shut firmly, so there is no accidental opening. There is no mirror inside the palette, which is not a huge problem for me as I always use the bathroom mirror. 

Beat It Palette - Natural Nudes - RRP $9.99

In the Buff Palette - Natural Nudes - RRP $9.99

I do find the hollowness of the inside lid a little annoying as the eye shadow brush rolls around so I have taken it out to prevent it damaging the eye shadows. If the lid was a little flatter this would be good.

Beat It Palette

In the Buff Palette

There is a striking resemblance with In the Buff and the Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.  I would even say this would be a dupe to the UD, but at an 1/8 of the price!

Even though both palettes are natural nudes the shades are quite different except for maybe one or two.  The eye shadows blend well and are surprisingly creamy and soft.  The pigment is not as strong but this is ok for me as I can easily build to a level that I prefer on me.  The shimmer is not too glittery either which is great especially for the older girls!  

The Blushes

The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher is a little square of beauty.  It's so pretty and its packaged almost identical to Benefit's Hoola Powders except  the lid comes completely off and is not hinged like the Benefit and the brush itself also bares a resemblance. 

RRP $4.99

Inside it's just as pretty as the packaging.  The honeycomb design on the blush is oh so cute and I have a weakness for pretty patterns and I struggle to use them!

The honeycomb pressed powder is a mixture of pink, peach and bronze tones, and merged all together they give a very light shimmery peachy shade.  It isn't very pigmented so you need to build up the colour over several applications, I have fairly light olive skin so it was difficult to see it on my skin although it did leave skin feeling and looking velvety soft.  I would say for my skin tone this is more of a highlighter than a blush.  I quite liked it because it was subtle on the cheeks.

The Pump and Blush is a creamy liquid blush that comes in a small pump bottle.  Even though the blush pumps out quite bright once it's blended on the cheeks it's finish is soft and pretty.

RRP $4.99

It is lightly pigmented and needs to be blended properly as it is long-wearing.  So don't apply and leave it for a bit and then expect it to blend (no, that is not what I did!). As this is easy to blend you can either blend in with the finger tips or sponge.

Illuminating Primer
The Prime and Glow Illuminating primer has a light and non-greasy formula. It allows skin to develop a natural glow whilst prepping skin for the application of makeup. It applies transparently, creating an Illuminating veil across the face, smoothing away the appearance of lines and imperfections

I can definitely say that my face looked much smoother than usual and my makeup sat nicely over it. Even though it has a pink tone it does appear transparent on the skin.

RRP $4.99

Lip Balm
Lip Bomb is an egg shaped lip balm which has a similar shape and size to the EOS & Revos lip balms. Colourless and softly scented balms protect and nourish lips, making them soft and hydrated.

The balm is incredibly lightweight on the lips with little to no shine.  It doesn't feel waxy or sticky.  It goes over matte lipsticks nicely too.  As for the scent, this particular one is strawberry.  It does smell a bit like Strawberry Shortcake doll my sister used to have so more of an artificial strawberry smell.

RRP $2.00

Blending Sponge
The Power Puff is a latex free face blending sponge. It feels denser and firmer than other brands that I have used. It is however, very soft to touch. It has a wider base designed to cover larger areas of the face and the tip to concentrate on areas like eyes and nose.

This blending sponge only needs very little water to damp.  As it's very dense it can absorb a lot of water and product so be careful to only slightly damp it. It does blend extremely well and gives a flawless finish. 

RRP $4.99

I actually like this sponge because it more heavy duty and not so fragile as some. It feels softer, bouncier and has a more luxe feel on my skin than some other brands.

W7 is exclusively available at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist & My Beauty Spot.  For more info on the range visit W7 cosmetics.

Samples were provided for editorial consideration


  1. W7 have been kicking some goals lately. Great run down of the products xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. they sure have and its such good value too!


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