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Subscription box trends has been growing popular over the last couple of years so having a service that provides personal hygiene essentials was a natural progression. This is ideal for time-poor women as our lives have become busier than ever before and with time flying past and before you know it you forget to stock up on supplies. Subscription service Liverpool St was established to eliminate this risk altogether by delivering tampons to women around Australia every month. 

Siobhan Komander, founder and business owner offers only organic natural cotton tampons. Thinking about and supporting women, Siobhan has realised that a lot of Australian women are increasingly conscious of what they eat and what they put on their skin, but don't think about what they are putting in their ‘cha-cha’ when their period arrives.

On average, women use up to 8,000 tampons across their lifespan and the majority of tampons on the market are laden with toxins and chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream once they’re inserted.

Liverpool St tampons are organic and are made from raw cotton, which means that they are hypoallergenic, breathable and are compatible with your body’s pH level. They are also free from synthetic and semi-synthetic products, perfume, chlorine and are 97.5% biodegradable. 

What Liverpool St Offers
A range of monthly packs - available in regular, super or a combined pack of both. Packs can be shipped once only, monthly or bi monthly. All Liverpool St products are registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia.

The process is simple. You sign up with your credit card details and each month your card will be charged before the package is sent out. You will also be sent a reminder a few days prior and are given the option to opt out at any time.

There are three options to choose from. You can change your choices anytime and there is no locked in contract or obligation.  You can cancel or postpone your subscription anytime.

Regular Pack (8 tampons per pack)
In this pack you will receive two packs which are suitable for medium flow days.

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Super Pack (7 tampons per pack)
In this pack you will receive two packs, which are suitable for heavy days.

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Mixed Bundle (8 Organic Regular + 7 Organic Super) Tampons
In this pack you will receive 1x regular pack + 1x super pack, which are suitable for your light and heavy days.

Image source: Liverpool St

Cost for each pack will cost AU$8.90 + $3.90 postage.  Each package will come with a small discrete linen pouch to keep them in.  It's so cute  and compact.

To find out more or to register visit LiverpoolSt.

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