Last month I received a parcel from Iora Naturals containing a 3-step skincare and treatment pack. Normally I wouldn't be so excited for any type of skincare treatments as my skin is usually pretty good, but just over a month ago my skin had a nervous breakdown, with my rosacea going into overdrive and caused chaos on my face which also affected my eyes! Yes, rosacea can affect the eyes. I was diagnosed with Blephritis.

Being at a loss on what to do with my skin I made an appointment with a skin specialist, but couldn't get an appointment earlier than two months, so receiving this skincare during my wait for the appointment was god-send.  I needed to try anything that could help.

About the Brand
Iora Naturals is an Australian skincare brand made from botanical actives, to aid/help in the prevention of skin congestion that leads to the occasional breakout or acne. Their approach to skin is to use ingredients derived from nature, instead of chemicals to treat acne and skin problems. Their range is all organic, containing calming ingredients - Aloe and Chamomile Flower, White Willow Bark Extract ( BHA), Hemp Seed Oil, Lactic Acid (AHA derived from fruit), Witch Hazel and many more. Making this range perfect for for all combination skin types at any age.

My son loves helping me out when I blog especially checking out my products when reviewing. He picked up the Iora Naturals products and commented that Iora must be an Australian brand because it's turtle image has a symbolic meaning to the Aboriginal culture and the Iora sounds like one of the Aboriginal communities 'Eora'. I love the way kids minds work! The turtle is definitely aboriginal but the the name Iora is from Greek word meaning Pure. So, kudos to my son!

Active Gel Cleanser - $24.99
This cleanser gently exfoliates congested skin and deep cleans pores with botanical actives, restoring healthy balance to stressed skin. Contains no harsh granules. The scent of this cleanser reminds me of Jurlique. It's soothing and smells really good.

Contains ingredients like Soapberry extract, White Willow and Rosemary helps remove makeup, excess oil and dirt, Tea Tree oil and Lemon Myrtle oil kills bacteria, cleanse clogged pores, black heads, white heads and acne, Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin and Seabuckthorn provides emollient smoothing as well as repair skin.

I love this cleanser, it does a great job removing all makeup without irritating my skin.  My skin feels soft and refreshed without feeling dry.

Pore Refining Toner - $25.99
I personally never used a pore refining toner before.  Any face mists I've used is mainly for calming and hydrating the skin so I was quite excited about this product.  Spritzing the toner all over, it gave my skin a tingling cooling sensation.  The lavender is ultra relaxing. The toner restores the pH balance, firms the skin, tighten the pores and prepares the moisturiser to work more effectively.

This multi purpose toner can be used a s refreshing spray which you can spritz all over throughout the day or as an exfoliator. By applying it on a cotton pad you wipe all over face and throat to prevent slackening of the skin. The toner is also suitable for neck and chest area, do this in an upwards motion, this ensures the removal of any lifeless skin cells that are still binding to the skin.  It's quite surprising what you see on the cotton pad after toning the throat area. The throat, like the eyes can show signs of ageing earlier than we like, particularly if we do not use a complete skin care routine.

Contains ingredients Witch Hazel to tone without dryness, leaving skin firm and pores more refined, Organic Tea Tree to purify the skin to prevent blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, Frankincense and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper to help purify and detoxify the skin, Cucumber to soothe and calm redness and prevent breakouts and White Willow Bark to gently exfoliate dead skin for a smoother brighter complexion and preps skin for moisturising.

Moisturise Balance - $28.99
This moisturiser is a light-weight moisturiser, designed to nourish and help treat congested skin by restoring moisture and skin back to how it should be.

Contains ingredients Jojoba to repair and renew skin, Chamomile to calm and soothe, Lavender oil to heal, Hempseed oil to restore normal lipid balance to over stressed skin and Olive emollients to stimulate tired and dull skin.

Even though this lotion is lightweight I found that it provided enough hydration all over. Skin absorbed the cream beautifully.  

Spot Control - $24.99 
This lotion is lightweight and perfect to target problem areas without drying the skin.  This spot treatment is only to be used when you need it.

The spot treatment contains liquorice, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense to assist in detoxing the skin and aid in skin renewal, Tea tree,  calendula and aloe to heal and nurture skin and bentonite clay to absorb oil and draw out the impurities.

On applying on random spots/pimples on my face, the spot control has reduced the redness and swelling on the spot by the end of the day with it almost disappearing the next day.

Even though I currently have skin issues I found using this range really helped with the irritation and pimples and red lumps that were appearing on my face. Even though it did not resolve my skin problem it did relieve some of the discomfort which I was not getting from any other products. My skin condition is only able to be fixed with medication.

Iora Naturals 3 Step Skincare + Treatment pack four products in total and retails for $89. It is extremely good value. To purchase from Iora Naturals check out their website here.