Ella Baché have recently launched several amazing products and I was extremely lucky to have received them to give them a go.  I have the Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask, Eternal+ Replenishing Day Cream and Eternal+ Regenerating Night Cream

Before writing my thoughts I always use the products for the recommended time so I can provide an honest and true review. Now that I have given the products some time I can share what I think.

Ella Baché's new skincare range focuses on plumping, regenerating and moisturising as well as correcting all signs of ageing, whilst protecting and strengthening the skin. 

Eternal+ Replenishing Day Cream - RRP $135

This luxe cream is rich but lightweight on the skin. Contains a combination of olive acids, dill extracts and amino acids to support the rejuvenation process of the skin and help stimulate it, increasing elasticity and firmness.  It aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and any blemishes. 

I've never heard of olive acids and dill extracts in skincare so I was intrigued in finding out more about their benefits. Malinic olive acid speeds up the natural repair process and stimulates the skin cells and dill phyto extracts increases skin elasticity and firmness. Sounds impressive!

So, after 4 weeks of using this moisturiser, I found my skin extremely soft, moisturised and radiant. Even though I didn't experience any shininess throughout the day, I did find that my pores on my chin were bigger. To continue the trial I stopped applying the day and night moisturiser on my chin and applied a lighter lotion instead, which seemed to be improved the appearance of my pores.

This moisturiser is quite rich and may be more suited for drier skin type.  I did find this very hydrating around most of my face as I am quite dry during winter, but I still have two areas on my face that is combination.  Even though this was a small downside in the trial I did not let this deter me from my thoughts on the product.  I liked using this moisturiser.  With the vast temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, my skin fared pretty well and I didn't experience skin dehydration like I normally would in Winter, so overall my skin condition has improved.

Eternal+ Regenerating Night Cream - RRP $145

This moisturiser is luxurious, smooth and rich in texture.  Aimed to work during the night to repair, deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin, by releasing a powerful combination of active ingredients like royal jelly, hyaluronic acid spheres and micro collagen to the skin whilst you sleep, revealing a visibly younger looking skin upon wakening.  

Even though the cream is quite rich, my skin has been loving it (avoided the chin area), absorbing into the skin nicely, leaving my skin soft and supple. In the morning, my skin is soft and smooth with no greasy feel. Over the last four weeks, My skin appeared smoother and better hydrated and feeling softer as well.

Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask - RRP $78
This mask's concept is similar to the Korean gel masks. The formula moulds to your face like a second skin, infusing hyaluronic acid, collagen and bio-cellulose to deliver intense rehydration and cell regeneration. Plumping skin instantly as moisture absorption is enhanced. What makes this mask a little different is that it's a multi-tasker. This 7 in 1 works to cool, rehydrate, plump, smooth, soften, repair and protect with antioxidant properties.

The bio-cellulose formula is enriched with polarised thermal water liposomes, apple skin extract and native fish collagen to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. It also includes hyaluronic acid for intense hydration and aloe vera for its moisturising and soothing effects. It offers a radiant, softer looking complexion. The mask is suitable for all skin types.  Before applying any face masks, I always cleanse and exfoliate my skin before applying as I find I get a better result.

Each box includes two separately sealed masks. Each mask has three layers - a white protective gauze, the mask itself and blue protective layer.  Just like other face sheet masks, they are soaked in it's serum, ready to apply.  Just follow the easy instructions.  

I have used many different types of sheet masks ranging from budget to luxe and found only a small handful actually fit my face properly and stay put. Ella Baché's mask is one of the very few that didn't slide around and I felt that my entire face benefited from the mask as it fitted well.

I left the mask on for the recommended 20 minutes. My skin drank the serum on the mask leaving my skin feeling hydrated and soft to touch. I noticed my skin was firmer around my eyes and the lines on my forehead softer. I'm incredibly impressed with this mask, seeing such results after one use.

All products mentioned are available at all Ella Baché salons, David Jones stores and Ella Baché online store. For stockists call 1800 789 234 or visit www.ellabache.com.au.

In Salon Treatments
If you want to take your skin to the next level, then visit a Ella Baché Salon. They have recently launched a new in-salon treatment which sees the brand introduce IPL to their clients, in the IPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatment RRP$220. 

This treatment is available now at David Jones Elizabeth St Sydney and selected Ella Baché salons in Australia, and the luxurious 1-hour collagen stimulating facial involves cleansing, light exfoliation, intense pulsed light treatment, followed by the application of luxurious collagen boosting masks and serums. The treatment also includes a neck, shoulder and décolletage massage during the mask.