Rimmel London have released some excited new products featuring eyes and brows! From reformulating Brow this Way to revolutionising Scandal'Eyes Bold Liner with a precise ball-tip applicator, it's no wonder there is so much excited in the air.  I want to share these three products I received to review.

Brow This Way with Argan Oil Brow Gel - RRP $12.95
I love brow gels especially when they work a dream. I have thick coarse eyebrow hairs and they need to be tamed, but some brow gels can be too sticky or thick and separate the hairs giving it the obvious gel look.

Infused with Argan Oil, it made sense to add it to brow products since it's commonly found in haircare products. Perfect for taming those unruly rebellious hairs with a natural result.

I love the new formula and brush. The brush applicator is slightly different from the original one. It has a more tapered shape making it easier to tame and shape brows. My brow holds nicely without looking spiky and separated. Only takes a few seconds to dry.

It's lightweight, long-lasting formula is smudge-proof and fade-proof, perfect for all-day regardless of weather. Comes in three shades - Blonde, Mid Brown, Dark Brown and transparent gel.

Scandal'Eyes Bold Flick Liner - RRP $13.95
This waterproof liner comes with a ball tip applicator. It's long-lasting and fade-proof, staying on the eyes for more than 24 hours without smudging.

First impressions - surprised at the shape and round ball-like tip. This one took a bit of getting used to. I wasn't sure how to use the liner with the ball tip and whether it would be easier or more difficult to apply. I was able to achieve a nice graphic line using just one swipe. It was so easy. I love the feel of this liner because it helps to draw the line much easier that a normal liner.

It is formulated with rich black pigments, with maximum colour intensity and a high-shine glossy finish.

Scandal'Eyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara - RRP $17.95
I love Rimmel mascaras.  I think I own the entire range.  This one is no exception.  One coat is enough to give me lush long lashes without the over applied look. 

Perfect for those hot and humid days when half my makeup falls off!  If you want to go for an afternoon dip and you don't want to come out of the water with your mascara half way down your face, this is the mascara to wear.  It is waterproof with no smudge or flaking and comes off easily with waterproof makeup remover.

The brush head has a tapered design to allow each lash to be coated evenly, giving the volume our eyes need to stand out.

It was so easy to complete to apply the liner.  Images below show all three items used. I used Brow This Way in Clear.  I know I need to tidy up the brow area!

The eye liner was super easy and for me that's a huge plus as I tend to avoid applying liquid liner due to my disaster history in applying.   The mascara has two coats and there is no clumping.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with these new releases.  What's your favourite favourite Rimmel product?

Rimmel London is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths. For more information visit Rimmel's website here.