Ecotools are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and decided to give their branding a complete makeover in the process.  

The entire collection has evolved based on the wants and needs of today's women and features a brand new logo, new product innovation as well as impressive responsible packaging.  The Ecotools range is made from recycled, natural and sustainable materials, thus making the entire process from start to finish environmentally friendly.

Ecotools makeup brushes have also been redesigned - featuring tapered light-weight brush handles, (made from renewable bamboo) and modern gunmetal ferrules with bristles that are in a beautiful ombre shades of brown.

The 2017 Ecotools Collection features 5 categories - Base, Finish, Sponges, Eyes, and Collections & Cleansers.  The packaging redesign includes an illustration of a face chart identifying the tool required to achieve your look.  This takes the guessing and intimidation away by simplifying your beauty routine.


Full Powder Brush (Base)
The bristles feel so luxurious and soft and is super easy to use. The brush features 70,000 soft bristles and aims to achieve an even distribution and blending to ensure a flawless finish. 

It is best used with pressed powders.  I had no idea that there are brushes recommended for powder or liquid and maybe this is where I have been going wrong!  I love that this recommendation is clear on the packaging.

I use powder most mornings when applying my makeup. I liked the finish I got from using the 'Full Powder Brush'.  I found it distributed my foundation evenly on my face as well as providing great coverage. On several occasions I also used this brush for my bronzer.  There was no over-applied areas which usually happens. It didn't feel scratchy either more like a tickle massage!

Skin Perfecting Brush (Base)
Recommended to be used with BB and CC creams. The brush is designed with domed and angled bristles, it blurs imperfections for an airbrushed look. 

I used this one mainly on weekends. I like a light coverage on my face, just enough to even out my skin-tone without looking as if you have makeup on.

Seamless Stippling Brush (Finish)
Recommended to be used with cream and liquid products, this brush is designed with duo-fibre bristles for soft application and layering of foundation, blush or highlighters.

I love using this brush when I am planning to go out. There are no streaks or heavy product residue, it applies product so easily.  This is one of my faves.

Ultimate Concealer Duo (Base)
I love this set. These brushes are designed to cover and blend imperfections. The Detail Concealer brush is perfect to target specific areas and the Airbrush Concealer brush blends for a flawless finish.

I use this mainly during the week especially when spots appear and to cover up any blemishes I have.

Six Piece Starter Collection (Sets)
This all in one simple essential starter pack is perfect for a novice (like moi) as well as ideal for travelling. This set features the following brushes - Blush, Concealer, Shading, Spoolie and Angled Liner and a nifty little cosmetic bag to put them in.   All the basics that you need.

Perfecting Blender Duo (Sponges)
This pack features two different sized sponges. The larger one is soft and flexible for light, buildable foundation application, while the mini is firmer for a more precise concealer coverage and to target specific areas.

Featuring the new EcoFoam Technology these beauty sponges feel and perform just as good as any other complexion sponges. The sponges are made from 71% plant-based materials, consisting of Sugar Cane, USDA certified materials as well as renewable plant-based contents to reduce use of petroleum during manufacturing. It is also 100% vegan and PETA Certified.

I replaced my beautyblenders with these and I honestly did not find a difference between them.  They performed just as good, if not better.  

Overall, pretty impressed with these brushes and sponges.  These have definitely replaced existing pieces in my collection, not only because they perform well, because they are kind to the environment.

And if that is not enough, inside each of the packaging is a small positive note, personal touches like this is what makes the brand so special. I just love it!

Eco Tools offers the tools, tutorials and tips on their website. For more information and where to purchase the new EcoTools collection, visit

Samples were received at a media event


  1. Eco Tools have some fantastic brushes. I am yet to try their sponges, but I'm certainly interested xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail


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