I love using natural and organic products on my hair and body.  I love feeling the goodness, the smells and of course seeing and feeling the results. And the packaging, it's so pretty!  I'm a sucker for beautiful prints, especially packaging for beauty products. It definitely pretties up the bathroom! I was kindly sent several products to try and here are my thoughts.

Natura Siberica range focuses on using unique natural and organic Wild Harvested herbs and flowers sourced from Siberia. Their main ingredient that gives their products a unique smell is the Oblepikha berry plant, also know as the Altai Sea Buckthorn. They contain an exceptional natural source of vitamins A , E and C. Excellent for your skin and overall well-being.

Wild Harvested Siberian is known to treat ageing skin, reducing wrinkles and enhance firmness. The salts are free from SLS, SLES, GMO plants, mineral oils, PEG, parabens and glycol.

Revitalising Bath Salts
Let me just say when I opened up the tub of salts, my nose was so engrossed in the amazing aroma that I almost snorted some. That would not of been pleasant!

I just couldn't wait to run myself a bath and soak my body whilst listening to music. Four tablespoons of salts is recommended or a heaped scoop with your hands. The bath salts left my skin feeling nourished, smooth, and deeply rejuvenated.

I would love if this fragrance is available in soap bars!

Oblepikha Deep Repair Mask
This hair mask aims to repair the structure of damaged hair and protects it from heat exposure during hot styling. With ingredients like pine nut and macadamia oil, it helps retain moisture deep in the hair structure.

The consistency is quite thick so it was easy to apply all over the hair. It also felt quite heavy and I was a little concerned that my hair would be oily. I left it on for around 10 minutes before rinsing off. You can leave it on longer for a deeper treatment but I didn't have the time.

I was extremely surprised to find that after rinsing my hair, it felt moisturised and light. There was no oily residue or heaviness. It definitely felt like it helped repair my chemically treated damaged hair. 

Obelpikha Complex Oil
Suitable for damaged hair, the oil helps smooth and thicken damaged hair. It is formulated with Altai sea buckthorn oil to generate keratin for stronger, shinier hair, while Moroccan Argan oil deeply nourishes and helps to improve hair structure.

This lightweight oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for easy dispensing. The oil texture is thin-medium, similar to rosehip oil. It's fresh signature scent of Oblepikha berries is light and subtle.

The Oil Complex helps to prevent further damage to your hair. It's perfect for controlling frizz, detangle knots as well as protect from heat damage when using styling tools.

After washing my hair, I rubbed a few drops of oil between my palms and applied the oil to my hair (mid to ends) and style as per usual. The serum is really light and there was no stickiness or residue felt in my hair. My hair felt light, soft and definitely frizz-free. I cannot comment whether it has repaired my hair as it's too early to tell, but I would definitely keep using it as I like the results.

Natura Siberica is available at Chemist Warehouse and other leading pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. For more info call 1800 851 888 or visit

Samples were sent for editorial consideration


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