Falsies, tinted, implants are some ways to give you that thick, longer, sexier lashes.  But are all these really good for your lashes?  I want to share tips and tricks on how to give you thicker and longer lashes without tints, falsies or implants.

# 1 

Lash Fertiliser
Did you know that applying Vaseline to eyelashes can make your lashes grow longer?  Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, works well as a moisturiser and has also been used in cosmetics and natural hair care for decades.  Castor oil is another product that can promote healthy strong lashes. Use a disposable mascara wand to apply.

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Vaseline is also excellent for conditioning and moisturising your lashes that are dry and brittle. Yes, lashes can become dry. Have you ever seen white at the tips of eyelashes?

Vaseline not your thing? You can try some of these home remedies that may promote lash growth.
  • Soak lemon peel in a jar containing olive oil for several days. Carefully apply this mixture to your eyelashes. Lemon is mild natural antiseptic which promote growth of fuller eyelashes.
  • Chilled Green Tea - Prepare green tea without adding sugar or other ingredients to it. Use cotton ball to apply the coll, unsweetened green tea on your lashes. Use the cotton balls to carefully swipe against the lash line. This helps to stimulate the lash growth and maintain its health.
  • Eyelid Massage - Massaging your eyelids promote blood flow thereby stimulate your lashes. This prevents their fall out and breakages. Rubbing your eyelids help to grow longer and stronger lashes.


Try a Growth Serum
Some people swear by hair growth serums for lashes. I know I used a hair growth serum on my eyebrows when I wanted them to grow back thick.  I had them thin for so many years and my chances of them returning back to their former glory were slim.  My brows took just over a year to return almost as full as they once were, with a few sparse areas than didn't grow back.

The same serum can be used for lashes.  I went through a period of my lashes falling out. I found brow serum just as effective on my lashes.

# 3

Eyelash Comb
One way to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller is by using an eyelash comb. Comb your lashes before using an eyelash curler and after applying mascara.  This will help rid of any clumps as well as spread the lashes out.

Otherwise disposable mascara wands are just as good.


Eyelash Curler
A quick and not so easy way to help your lashes look longer and fuller is using an eyelash curler. I personally do not have the knack in using one.  I have tried so many times and have failed miserably, pinching my eyelids and pulling out lashes in the process. 

My technique for curling lashes is using my fingers.  I take my index finger and place it horizontally under my lashes and close my eyes so my lashes are curling upwards.  I hold this for at least 15 seconds and the heat from my finger curls my lashes.

Image source -  Wikihow

Alternatively,  if you find it difficult curl with your fingers, use a heated lash curler.

It's compact, safe and battery operated and very effective.


Double Dipping 
A lot of people tend to double and triple dip their mascara wand in and out of the tube. This is not only bad for the mascara but there is also no benefit in doing so.  By double dipping, you are pushing air inside the tube which will expire your mascara quicker by drying it out.

The mascara tube usually accumulates excess mascara around the rim and dries up, clean off the excess so you don't have clumps attaching to the wand.


Wiggle your Wand
For thicker and longer lashes, wiggle your wand.  Instead of making swift brushing movements upwards on the lashes which can cause clumping and an uneven application, by wiggling your wand results are so much better. 

 Mascara is applied evenly from root to tip, giving you a more professional finish.


It's Not a Race
We are always in a hurry or too tired to have the patience to apply mascara slowly. However, quickly running a wand through your lashes will result in a messy or clumped look.

Take a few extra seconds when applying mascara.  Applying slowly, the end result will be much cleaner and softer, and your lashes will be coated evenly with none of them sticking together.


Monogamy Doesn't Count
Loyalty to a brand no longer exists these days. With so many brands and varieties of mascaras on the market, it is hard to stick to just one brand.  What you use during the day may not be suitable for the evening.  Regardless of price, it's what works for you that is important, not price or brand.

I throwout my mascara every 3 to 5 months depending how often I use it.  I know the rule is every 6 weeks you must discard, but if you don't use it everyday and it has no clumps in it, I can't see why you can't use it longer. I own around 15 different mascaras and 10 of these do different things so I don't reach for all of them every day.  To prolong the life of your mascara, add a few drops of any generic eye drop, this will thin our the formula and dissolve any thick bits.


The High Line
This technique has been used for decades. For a fuller looking lash line, use eye liner on the lash line. Whether you use a small amount of eye liner to smudge along your lash line or go for a more dramatic look with the winged look, using an eyeliner on your lash line will fill in any sparse gaps between the lashes.

Image source: Julep

Alternatively you could use an ultra-sharp soft, brown pencil, carefully fill-in your upper lash line - the result should be almost undetectable - just like the 'Wink'.


DIY Lengthen Lashes Hacks
Applying an eyelash primer can make a huge difference in the appearance of your lashes! Primers look just like regular mascara, only they are a white, black or translucent liquid. Put on your lash primer before you put on your regular black mascara.

Baby powder is basically a thriftier version of eyelash primer. I've only recently picked up this trick from a friend.  Dip a disposable mascara want and gently comb over your lashes.  If you don't have baby powder, translucent powder works just as good.

Allow the particles to settle on the lashes before applying mascara. This will make the lashes appear even thicker and more noticeable.


Break a Bad Habit
Going to bed without removing your mascara can cause your eyelashes to fall out overtime. Even though if you do so once or twice won't hurt you but don't make it a habit!


Be Gentle
When washing your face, ensure you are always gentle when removing your makeup.  Don't go vigorously rubbing your eye area for the mascara or eye makeup to come on.  Patience and the right type of makeup remover will do the job.

Otherwise your lashes may fall off one by one, making your lash-line weaker each day.


Healthy insides makes a healthy outside
Just like great skin and healthy hair, growing long, luscious eyelashes begins with your diet. Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet, and, if not, then add in supplements, especially biotin.

Making your eyelashes look longer and fuller is easy and can be done at home. You don’t have to resort to expensive treatments like lash inserts or faux lashes.


Tailor made
Prescribe your lashes with what they need. If it’s a combination of length and thickness, use a mascara designed specifically for each. For the most dramatic result, apply the lengthening product first, followed by the volumising mascara. If you’re after something more subtle, reverse the order.

What are your tricks to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller?