If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I am not a fan of invasive beauty treatments but am all for non-invasive beauty improvements.

Botox Injections has comfortably settled itself amongst the norm and included as part of beauty upkeep for the beauty conscious. I remember the days when the word 'botox' was mentioned, whispers and gossip would spread - today its thrown in a general everyday conversation.

Botox is not for everyone. So it only makes sense to create a range of products to mimic botox but without the need of needles or chemicals.

Linda Meredith has been in the industry for over 40 years. She noticed a dramatic change in how our skin is evolving, researching the cause of these changes and finding out that toxins were a major factor, so she decided to develop a skincare range to deal with skin problems not skin types. The entire range has been developed to overlap and each product work in harmony to address individual issues. All of the products work to increase hydration levels and help slow down the ageing process.

Photo source of Linda Meredith website

Linda Meredith's aim is to get the best from your existing skin. Looking after what you were born with is much more important than trying to change it. 

I was asked to road-test VTOX. - Hell yeah!  I know I need a little help in some areas but I just can't bring myself to take the injection or filler route.

VTOX is a unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin and de-stress the wrinkled areas. Naturally derived from algae, VTOX helps to block the skin’s reaction to stress, which is the major cause of most frown lines. The skin will appear more relaxed; less lines, less wrinkles. VTOX is like Botox without the poison or freeze.

Over the years I have noticed my jowl area slowly going south, creating a crease as well as turning the sides of my mouth down.  I also recently noticed vertical lines between the brow, (all that frowning/squinting as the eyesight weakens!)

I used VTOX over the last 3 weeks.  Below is a photo of my mouth area before I commenced VTOX.

Over the 3 weeks, I have noticed the lines have softened around the mouth area, especially the jowl area.   It is still too early to see a huge significant change but there is enough of a difference for me to be pleased with the results.  Even the texture is smoother.

After using VTOX

With long term use of VTOX my results will continue to improve and I can't wait to update this page with a further image of the area.

VTOX retails for $209 and is available on along with the rest of Linda Meredeith's range.  

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  1. wow, the V-Tox lightened the redness on your cheeks as well !

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