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You can never have enough body products in your bathroom especially when they are so esthetically pretty and smell divine.

Treaclemoon launched in 2007 in the UK. Offering a wide range of bath and shower gels, body scrubs, hand washes, hand lotions and body butters.

The brand does not test on animals and their formulations do not contain any animal derived ingredients, making them suitable for vegetarians.

There are 10 delicious scents like Coconut Island, The Raspberry Kiss, Vanilla Moment, Lemonade Days, Ginger Morning, Marshmallow Hearts, Almond Tart, The Honeycomb Secret and Iced Strawberry Dream, making every bath or shower session a treat.  Treaclemoon's gives you the whole package.  From the simple but beautiful bottles to creating the scents, the quality of the product to the personal touch of sweet quotes on each bottle. The care, the prettiness and the experience. 

Bath & Shower Gels

Treaclemoon bath and shower gels comes in a two sizes, large 500ml bottle and travel size 60ml.  It's consistency isn't too thick or too runny and lathers up quite nicely. These can be used as a shower gel or indulge in a delicious scented bubble bath, leaving skin cleansed, soft with a subtle fragrance on the body.  You could enhance you the body scent by applying the body butter or lotion.

Raspberry Kiss
It smells so fruity and sweet but not too over powering. None of the fake raspberries smell, it literally smells like it was made from fresh raspberries!

If you want your skin more fragrant, slather the body butter all over, it is divine.  Skin is soft and supple. Don't worry you won't be a walking smelly fruit.  Its subtle on the skin. 

Warm Apple Pie Hugs
I love the name of this body scent.  It sounds so inviting and cuddly. I can just picture using this in the cooler months. 

The scent is freaky, it literally smells like apple pie with an obvious cinnamon smell.  It smells comforting and homey.

Body Butter & Moisturisers

The Raspberry Kiss Body Butter
The body butter comes in a 250ml tub.  It's consistency is fluffier and softer than expected. It is more of a thick body lotion rather than a body butter (which I prefer).  It is non greasy and absorbs nicely onto the skin. I would say I like this body butter compared to The Body Shop body butter range, which is heavier and oilier and of course more dearer.

The body butter has a moussey thick consistency. The scent isn't overpowering and quite subtle. It has a refreshing scent of raspberry that lingers on your skin and lasts for hours.  There is a warning here though, it is advised not to lick your arms!

One Ginger Morning Hand and Body Lotion
The hand and body lotion comes in a 350ml pump bottle.   The lotion is a lighter formula to the body butter. It is non-greasy and absorbs instantly into the skin. I prefer to use this for my body rather than my hands.  One Ginger Morning is a very fresh and an invigorating scent. Perfect for the morning as it helps wake up the senses.

I'm overall impressed with this range.  It is not at all surprising as anything that has come out of the UK have been amazing.  It's good value for money as well as ethically made.

Treaclemooon is available for purchase online at  Check out their social media page to find out more about the brand - Instagram @iglamour_aus as well as their hashtags - #iglamour & #treaclemoon.

Price Guide
Bath & Shower Gels 500ml -  $12.95
Bath & Shower Gels 60ml - $4.95
Hand & Body Lotions 350ml - $14.95
Body Butters 250ml - $14.95

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  1. How adorable are these!
    I love anything with a lovely fruity smell - really need to try these out!
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