I love beauty products. I love them more than my wallet loves them. So to ease the pain, I spread my purchases over time instead of large hauls (except during crazy sale time)!

But when you come across a value for money brand, it is really hard to resist to purchase almost the entire set!

Born and bred in the UK, Barry Mero founded Barry M in 1982, Barry M became a household name and known for his daring colours in hair and makeup.  Today, Barry M is one of the UK’s leading mass-market colour cosmetic companies, due to his extensive colourful range.

Barry M have extended their marketing to Australia, giving us more choice and competition amongst competitors in the market.

I will be reviewing several products.  Two palettes, two nail colours and highlighter chubby.  This is my first time in using Barry M products.


Champagne & Dreams
This limited edition palette shades are so pretty. The warm bronzes and soft neutrals will suit just about any skin colour. You get a bronzer, two highlights, 2 matte and 2 shimmer eyeshadow shades

There is such a good range of colours in this one palette, making it perfect for the party season and for every day use.

The bronzer and highlighters are highly pigmented.  I only swiped the colours once to achieve the results below.  The pink and gold highlighters are divine.

The two shimmer eyeshadows are on the left and the two matte are on the right.  The texture is quite creamy.  The shimmer shadows are quite pigmented.  The matte shades, I had to swipe twice to achieve the colour below, which is a good thing as these are buildable.

Chisel Cheeks
This palette contains three matte shades. A simple palette for either a beginner or someone like me who appreciates simple steps when it comes to applying makeup.

I love the size of this palette. It is lightweight and slim, perfect for travelling and for storage. It slots away neatly in my drawer and isn't bulky.

The inside of the lid contains a detailed illustration on how and where to apply the blush.

Swatches below: Highlighter - slightly yellow toned. Bronzer - for that natural sun-kissed warmth, Contour - to sculpt your cheekbones.

The powders are soft and pigmented, but when applied appears a lot softer the skin.


There are five products to enhance your glow. Each product focuses on different looks you want to achieve. I have the Radiant Rod Highlighter chubby pencil.

Radiant Rod Highlighter
This chubby crayon highlighter is a lovely gold shade with a very subtle shimmer to it. 

The texture is lightweight, creamy and effortless to apply. The effects are subtle but you can easily build up for a more sculpted look.


Gelly Hi Shine Polishes
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine range is a gel polish with a high-shine. There is something like 38 shades available in this range.

This is the first time I have used a gel-formula polish so it took a little getting used to as I didn't expect it to dry so quickly.

The colour I have and tried is the Rose Hip. It is a pastel pink and very delicate, not like some pastels are a bit too much on the nails.

The polish is rather fluid for a gelly nail polish, I expected it to be thicker. I'.m assuming gel polishes are thicker. Two layers are required for a great result.

I struggled a bit with the thin brush, I have gotten used to thicker polish brushes that I forgot what it was like to uses a thinner one. But in the end it was all good. I was very pleased with the results. Surprisingly it turned out pretty good.

What was surprising is how quick the polish set on my nails.  Not only were they touch dry but I was able to resume my normal activities without damaging a nail.  There were no smudges, dents or scuff marks.  My nails were completely set.

Glitter Nails
Barry M glitter polish are bursting with minute particles mixed in with some hexagon glitter. I'm not a fan of glitter polishes as it can look youngish.

With this particular polish, I like this mixture of shapes in the nail paint, it adds a little bit of glam making it perfect for any age.

The Barry M range starts from $9.75 and are available at Big W.  To find out more about Barry M goodies check out

Products were provided for editorial consideration