As we get older, our maintenance regime needs to be stepped up a notch to keep our skin in amazing shape.  I have put together some of my favourite go-to products from the last three months.


When applying sunscreen, don't forget your ears, neck and décolleté (upper chest area). These areas are often neglected and can show premature ageing.

Don't forget your lips too!  Many lip balms, lipsticks and lip glosses do not contain SPF protection.

Don't confuse dehydration with dry skin. Dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks oil.

Your skin may be dehydrated, dry, or both. With dry skin, lack of moisture can result in rough, dry or flaky skin. With dehydrated skin, the skin will look taut, red and wrinkles are more visible.  Ensure that your beauty products are what your skin needs.  Any branded beauty counter will be able to diagnose your skin.

There are some brands that have technology-assisted tools to assist in diagnosing your skin type and conditions with a lot more accuracy.

If your skin is dehydrated, a simple and easy way to give skin a drink is by carrying around a moisture mist for your face to spritz throughout the day to hydrate your skin.  This is a must-have throughout the year, especially if you work in air-conditioned environments.

Before cleansing, I always use cotton pads to cleanse my eyes from eye makeup and mascara, as these tend to leave residue on the skin even if you have cleansed well.

I also use wipes for my face to ensure most of the dirt, oils and makeup are removed before using a cleanser.

They say don't exfoliate around the eyes, but I do. I use a gentle exfoliator and gently rub around my eyes to remove any dead skin. This allows eye cream to absorb better and the eye area will look softer too.

It's best to use a mask right after exfoliating.  This ensures that the goodness from the mask is absorbed through the skin and as it cannot penetrate dead skin.

To reduce the redness of pimples, put Visine (or any brand you desire) on them and then conceal. The Visine rids of the inflammation, in turn reducing the size and the concealer covers it up.


Once a fortnight I do an intense hand treatment. I exfoliate and then lather my hands in moisturiser, pop on cotton gloves and sleep with them. The following morning my hands and cuticles are soft and hydrated and look younger.

# 8
When selecting hand cream look for ones that contain ingredients that will repair the skin.  If it has SPF- even better. Our hands are the first place that gives our age away.

If you dislike the feeling of greasy palms, apply the cream to the back of the hand and rub them together, once you feel you have covered the entire back of the hand, finish off rubbing the cream onto your fingers.

Cuticle and nail maintenance is important. File and trim promotes nail growth. Cuticles need to be gently pushed back and trimmed if dry or peeling. Picking at your cuticles will not only look unsightly but infections can fest. Damaged cuticles can also weaken the nail quality.

Buffing your nails will give the impression of strong healthy nails. A nice shine and pink complexion under the nails is a sign of good nail health.


Care for your feet in the same way you would for your face. It seems like we never have enough time when it comes to foot care especially in Winter! It seems so far to reach down when in the shower.  Our feet should be maintained throughout all seasons to ensure they are in top condition and require less work the more often you primp them.

In addition to washing your feet, ensure you scrub your soles, between your toes and underneath your nails. Whether you use exfoliating gloves, pumice stone or exfoliating salts - you will prevent callus formation and combat skin-build, which can result in cracked heals and dry feet.

Moisturise each night to prevent your feet from drying and cracking. When choosing foot creams look for the ingredient 'Urea': this ingredient penetrates the skin to keep it soft and supple.  It is better to do this in the evening and not in the morning -  wearing thongs or sandals can stain your feet as the shoe colour can transfer due to the moisturiser, I walked into Nine West and flopped out my feet and I had black toes and heel from my shoes, so embarrassing!

Using a foot mask helps remove oil and impurities deep within the skin. This will leave your feet looking and feeling refreshed and smelling nice.

Every 6 to 8 weeks
I find it beneficial doing a foot peel treatment every 6 to 8 weeks; depending on the condition of your feet and whether you are disciplined or have a casual approach to foot care. Removing dead skin from your feet is so ultra satisfying. I personally like the peeling stage, it's gross but so much fun!

Nail care is very important. The worst thing is seeing yellow stained and rigid nails with a pretty dress and shoes. I buff and shine my nails every few weeks. Trim any dry cuticles, apply cuticle oil and even-out any broken or chipped nails.

Little pinky toes can sometimes be a challenge to maintain.  My trick is to use a fine nail file to buff the nail and trim any excess skin.


I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty for not moisturising my body regularly. Sometimes I'm short of time and skip that step. There are so many different moisturisers on the market to target different skin issues. There are even moisturising body-washes if your not keen on moisturising after your shower.

Whether it's for shimmer, colour, firmness, cellulite reduction, sensitive skin, keratosis pilaris, or dryness - we should all moisturise after every bath or shower.

It is important to keep the skin moisturised because our skin is a barrier against infection. If we allow the skin to become dry, it can become cracked. When cracks or breaks in the skin occur, the usual bacteria that live on our skin can get inside and cause an infection.

So moisturise people!

I hope you found my tips useful.  I would love to know what you use to keep your skin amazing.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned, below is a list of products with links to each brand.

Products shown were part gifted & part purchased