Teeth whitening has been on the market now for some time now and are becoming more effective and less abrasive, as breakthrough technology assists in achieving whiter teeth with minimal side effects.

My partner and I been using teeth whitening toothpaste for several years and I'm always scouring the dental hygiene section in supermarkets for the latest products to try.  Hubby is a heavy smoker and coffee drinker and moi coffee and tea drinker, so it is extremely important to me and my family that our teeth are healthy, clean and white.

Below are my thoughts on the two products I road tested - the Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System and the Bright Nights.

Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System
White Glo have recently released the Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System. The pack contains an Advanced Whitening Gel, Mouth Tray and Professional Choice Toothpaste.

White Glo guarantees that your teeth will be whiter in just 7 days your teeth or they will refund your money. These are huge claims to make so if it's effective as it claims everyone is a winner.

To achieve whiter teeth is simple. There isn't much preparation or work involved. The program requires daily treatment for the first week. Each treatment time is between 5-15 minutes depending on the condition of your teeth. If further improvements are desired continue for a further week. If you want to continue with the whitening system, White Glo recommends that you rest for a week and then continue there after.

How it Works
The surface of our teeth are porous. Stains are caused by coloured food and drinks lodging in these pores, causing tooth enamel to darken and stain over time. The active ingredient in the whitening system enters the pores and whilst it sits there oxidises and breaks down the stain. This process gives off the bleaching effect onto your enamel and is what whitens the colour of your teeth. The specially designed mouth tray allows the gel to keep in contact with the surface of your teeth over this time-frame.

So after a week of using White Glo, I have seen a dramatic result as you can see in the before and after pics especially between the teeth.

Before using White Glo

After using White Glo

White Glo Bright Nights
Bright Nights are dissolving strips that contain teeth whitening ingredients and work by being absorbed by your teeth enamel, to turn yellowing and discolouration into oxygen particles. This procedure has been proven to be very safe and will reveal an instantly whiter teeth.

They have been exclusively designed and formulated to be used when you need a whitening boost such as prior to arriving at a party, work function or social event. No mess or fuss, just peel, apply and let the strips do it's work.

After finishing my week of trialing the teeth whitening program.  I gave myself a week break before I tried the strips.

The strips are really simple to use. You rip the foil packaging and remove the transparent strip and apply to the teeth.  The flavour is really pleasant and fresh.

The inside of your lips do stick to your teeth at the beginning so if you are wearing lipstick, I suggest to apply it when the strips have dissolved.

Around 10 minutes later I rinse gargle my mouth and I'm ready.  My teeth appeared cleaner and brighter.

The White Glo range is available at all supermarkets and pharmacies and on their website. For stockists visit

White Glo Range
White Glo Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System - $19.99
White Glo Bright Nights - $8.99
White Glo Diamond White Toothpaste - $7.99
The White Glo Power Brush Toothpaste - $6.99
White Glo Whitening Pen - $19.99

These products were send for consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. I've seen a few good reviews on this recently. I have the film strips at home and been meaning to try it myself! Trangles xoxo


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