Global Babe is a glamorous new French fashion label based in St Tropez, representing the international woman of elegance.

Fiona Argyle, founder of this gorgeous new label is empowering women worldwide to make bold and creative fashion statements. The new range of eight bold coloured luxury strong hats are designed by women for women.

Global Babe strong hats is a first of it's kind.  Everything about this hat is different to what the market is currently offering. With SPF 50+ protection from the sun is a huge plus for me when I'm looking for a hat to buy. 

What makes it different is that inside the fabric around the rim there is a flexible rod to style the hat as you please.  Making it suit every face shape and size.

The hat can also be flattened and folded to pack in your luggage when travelling, making it the perfect travelling accessory.

The strong hats can easily be worn with both casual and formal outfits, making it the perfect accessory stable for your wardrobe.  

These hats are also available for children with three colours to choose from.

You cannot deny the quality of hat. The fabric and stitching is at it's best. It's sturdy and lightweight and definitely a hat that would last a long time unless it blows away!

Unfortunately, there is one downfall I found with this hat.  The head rim is not for everyone.  I struggled to keep the hat on as I found it large. I'm not entirely sure if it's also because there is weight on the rim of the hat that it provokes the hat to move so much. I like my hat to stay put when I have it on my head.

Whenever I moved my head left to right the hat would swing around.  The hat also flew off my head whilst walking along the beach when a gush of wind picked it up.  It wasn't secure and it felt slightly awkward wearing it.

I would like to think for the price of $123, that there would be different sizes like S, M, L; but I could not see this on the website.

Global Babe hats are available online only.  To find out more about these chic hard hats visit Global Babe's official website at

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  1. Sounds beach appropriate for the super hot days! Shame about the sizing, but I do also have a not so little head.

  2. Oh these sound great specially for the hot Queensland sun! I actually really like the style of this hat as well :)

    Nicole xx |

  3. Such cute summer hats - love the bright colours xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I LOVE floppy hats! I only recently started wearing hats frequently to minimise sun damage.

    Lily not Louise


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