On days like today, miserable, cold and wet, this is the best weather to cosy up with a blanket on the couch, watching TV and munch on super healthy snacks!  Instead of stuffing my face with yummy treats I've decided to change tactics and do some quick beauty treatments. Not only will my bum thank me for it but so will my hands and face!

Here are some of my fave products I use to give myself a quick mani and mini facial.

With so many amazing products on the market there is no need to go out and spend hundreds on facials when you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Everyday I alternate between two Cleansers. Depending on how I feel will depend on the product I reach out to. 

Goodness is a natural cleanser with no nasties and is fragrance free. It is gentle on the skin and has a rich creamy texture. My skin always feels cleansed and soft after use. No dry or pulling.

Ole Henriksen is a foaming milk cleanser. This lightweight milk transforms into a creamy lather while helping preserve skin’s moisture mantel. Leaving it soft, supple and refreshed.  This is my second bottle, I really like this product.

After cleanse I exfoliate to remove dead skin. I do this to allow my skin to breathe and absorb all the nutrients from the products I apply later.

Exfoliator is a granuled powder, a highly concentrated powder exfoliant activated by adding water and safe to use daily.  The enzyme micro-powder creates a creamy foam when mixed with water, gently exfoliating to deliver superior skin resurfacing. 

Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating facial wash is a mild exfoliator with no granules. It is scent and colour free. I actually use this one in the shower as a face wash.

Ole Henriksen walnut complexion scrub is a coarser scrub but does not scratch the skin.  Gently and effectively removing dead skin and impurities giving a glowing complexion.  Skin does tingle after use which is due to the stimulation.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate, is my fave out of the bunch. Its the most intensive exfoliator.  I use this if I do not intend on going out as it does leave your skin looking pink for a few hours.

I always keep a good stack of sheet masks in my beauty cupboard. These usually provide intense moisturise surge for the skin whilst mud and other types of masks I use are mainly for drawing out impurities or refining the surface.

Below are three face and one eye masks I currently have stock of.  All do a similar job and are all pretty good. The only difference is variation on the shape and size of the sheets.

As for the Glam glow for the eyes, I recently purchased this and was super impressed with the results.

Here are more of the traditional masks that I love using.  Once I have my mask on my face, I then move onto my hands.

The same process is applied to the hands, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

I like to keep my nails fresh and manicured a often as I can even though sometimes it is a challenge with children.

I love using these Conditioning Remover Wipes. If your like me, constantly bumping the acetone bottle spilling the stuff everywhere and damaging furniture in the process, its makes so much sense to use remover wipes instead. They are compact, mess-free and much easier to use. 

They come preloaded with acetone-free polish remover to make short work of getting varnish off your digits. With Vitamin E added to this tub my nails and cuticles are always left feeling hydrated and conditioned.

Filing, buffing, clipping and shaping can sometimes be a challenge and therapeutic at the same time. It is really important to buy quality nail tools as depending on your tools will depend on end results you get.

I currently have three that I alternate between, depending on how I feel and what my hands feel comfortable at the time using.  The two Manicare buffers have a 4-step buffer and shine process and the Revlon tear drop shape has two.  All three give amazing shiny healthy looking nail results.

I always trim my cuticles, My cuticles tend to dry out more than the normal person, not sure why, my cuticles have always been like that, if I don't maintain them I will pick at the them thus making them bleed.  You need to be super careful on how you use the cuticle trimmer, press too hard and you can cut your cuticles and it can be quite painful.  

I like the Sally Hansen cuticle cutter and the Manicare nail clipper.  They are both small and fit ergonomically in my hands.

Cuticle treatment is super important, if your cuticle isn't healthy this will reflect in your nail growth and condition.  I like the OPI cuticle treatment and the Sally Hansen cuticle rehab.  Both provide essential oils and nutrients to maintain healthy cuticles.

The OPI is a squeezable bottle, you only need a drop on each tip.  The Sally Hansen is a tube with brush at the end, you brush the product on your cuticles (and nails if you want).  I massage the treatment in until it is absorbed.

Depending on how I feel or the condition of my nails, I will either paint my nails in a colour or a treatment. Last few months I have been using Orly Nailtrition, it is a nail growth treatment as well as nail strengthener.

Orly Nailtrition relieves severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin. Helping strengthen peeling and splitting nails.

You can use it as a base coat under regular nail polish or on it's own. It has a pretty soft pink shimmer finish, making my nails look shiny and healthy.

I love to shop at a lot of different stores for products. We are truly spoilt for choice compared to several years ago. 

How do you spend your rainy days in?

I have provided links below on all the brands and stores as to where these products can be purchased.

Orly, Goodness, Revitanail, exfoliate, Hydraluron, Revlon, Sally Hansen and Manicare are available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

Exfolikate and Glam Glow are available at Mecca and Sephora.

OPI is available at David Jones and selected salons.