Budget makeup has come a long way since the days of tacky colours and poor quality products.  With brands investing in affordable quality cosmetics it's no wonder why gals are stocking up on the entire season collection without blinking an eyelid.

The colours have been selected from the latest global trends and offer a mix of fashion to colour classic you can’t live without. With over 100 products in the range covering face, eyes, lips and nails, Colour Theory will have you covered day and night.

Colour Theory is a brand of budget makeup exclusive to Amcal Pharmacies.  The range is easy to shop with just 4 simple price points; $4, $6, $8 & $10. You can afford to be a little bit daring when trying out that new look or even get an extra nail polish when you simply cannot choose which colour!

I love pink. This nail polish has a really nice pink tone. There is no yellow base in it and should suit all skin types. Two coats were fine for my nails plus a top coat to give it a shine. I recommend a top coat as the nail polish does lack shine. Drying time couple of minutes its touch dry.

The eyeshadow palette contains five colours. They are not highly pigmented so colour building is perfect for non-makeup artists like moi. When I work with highly pigmented makeup it is less forgiving when the application is not so great. I used my own brushes to build and blend. This colour palette is called 'See Princess' and I loved it. I love all the different blue hues.

The lipstick was very moisturising and creamy. As you can see in the image below, I have only swiped it on my hand twice and the colour is quite prominent. I like the way it feels on my lips. I must say I was surprised that it stayed for a couple of hours, so impressed.

The mascara was good but not great. It definitely plumps and lengthens. I found the brush too thick especially to get to the little lashes on the inner eye area. I kept getting mascara on my eye lids. I also found it a little dry.

The Blush comes in this really cute compact. It's strong and lightweight. The colour 'Bare Minimum' is really pretty. The colour is exactly that, minimum, it's almost like you have no blush on but just that slight hint of colour. It's natural and quite flattering for all skin types.

The colour is lighter than it looks on the compact.

Overall I'm impressed with the quality and results from these products. My favourites from the lot would be the eye shadow palette and lipstick.

Prices start from $4.00.  Colour Theory is exclusive to Amcal Chemists and online at 

Have you tried Colour Theory?  I would love to know what you think.

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  1. I am really impressed with the quality of colour theory as well!!! I loveee that I can swirl my brush in the blush .. if I did that to my mac blush i'll end up as a clown

  2. Colour Theory! Love this brand - another great budget buy that keeps surprising me!

  3. The pink nail polish is such a pretty color ! DF xoxo

  4. I like less pigment eyeshadow pallets too - easier to clean up on the face!
    Its not like we are all going to weddings every day and need really long lasting and standout eyeshadow.

    I have one of their tinted moisturisers - Not a fan... it a pretty good colour but they way it goes on and sits on the skin, no. Its like trying to rub on sunscreen over 3 previous layers of sunscreen and its just sits there and transfers really easy! (bare skin and primer both with clean moisturised face...) even if you put a bit of powder over it it still doesn't work that great as it moves on the skin.

    But for (I think) $6 I'm ok with it being a dud and still use it if I want something to cover redness when doing groceries. You can't use a brush with it, it gets streaky and a sponge... well blend with your fingers first then even with a sponge or you will be there ALL day!

    BUT what doesn't work for me might work brilliantly for others! Heck I might just be putting in on incorrectly...

    Thanks for such a succinct and straight to the point review filled with USEFUL info!!
    Do you have any idea how long these lasted on you?

    Thanks Samic :)


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