I've been obsessed with Lancôme Miracle Cushion since I purchased it a couple of months ago. When it was first released I was intrigued on its application, a new way of applying foundation.

I love compacts, I've never been a fan of bottle foundation as I have always struggled with them, the pump bottles aren't so bad but compacts are more practical and easier to carry around.

The packaging is lightweight and easy to open and use. Inside the case is a mirror and an applicator pad, plus a hinged cap that creates an airtight seal over the sponge and provides a nice resting spot for the applicator.

This is what the compact looks like on the inside.

The Lancôme Miracle Cushion compact is refillable. When pressing the pad into the foundation sponge, just the right amount of foundation is absorbed on the pad making it easy to apply. There are no accidental spills, drips or over applying.

The coverage is quite sheer and light. What is fab about Miracle cushion is that you can keep applying to build more coverage. You control the coverage level. During the day I want a light coverage so I apply it once all over but my cheeks need a little more coverage so I apply a second coat without it being noticeable. The results is a fresh dewy complexion with all imperfections becoming almost invisible.

Two coats of foundation

One coat of foundation

It has SPF of 23+ which is great as I don't have to apply a separate application of sunblock.

There are two factors that disappoint me with this product. Firstly, the sponge, I like to wash my sponges to prevent contamination of the product and the skin. The applicator is very difficult to clean.  The photo below is after applicator is washed. It looks yucky.

Secondly being Lancôme, a reputable brand, known to use quality ingredients and being manufactured in either Europe or the US. The Miracle Cushion is actually made in Korea. Retailing for $60.00, it's a bit pricey considering where it is made. I'm quite surprised Lancôme chose to manufacture it there.


  1. I was wondering what the gimmick for this was. I agree about the need to wash - it's not that pretty once it's been washed!


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