I love admiring peoples hair colour especially in bright colours like pink, purple or even blue. I've only dyed my hair a funky colour in my life twice, only to have short-lived fun hair with long-lasting damage.

The difference between salon colour dyes and DARE is it acts as a ‘stain’ on the hair-shaft without the need to pre-lighten your hair.  Whether you have pre-lightened or natural hair colour you are able to achieve a daring new look in just a few simple steps. Colour lasts up to 30 washes too!

I really was eager to try this but as I was starting a new job, I wasn't sure how it would look if I started a new role with blue hair!  So I compromised by only colouring the hair underneath which is how I had it before due to my previous role being corporate.

The two colours I requested were No. 11 Dolphin Dreams & No.13 Mermaid Music.

I first tried No. 11, it has slightly lighter blue with a tinge of green. No 13 is a darker shade of blue which gave my hair a dark blue tone which looked great and was my favourite.

I have to admit I found it difficult to apply without making a mess.  I had blue splattered on the shower screen, bathmat and sink.  I've always struggled doing my own hair colour making a right ol' mess.

My second time I attempted it I had a bit of help from the hubby.  I also purchased a colour brush to help application to be more precise.  My hair is already pre-lighten due experimenting with colour so I was quite surprised how well the colour took.

Please bare in mind as these colours are highly pigmented they will stain your hands so make sure you are wearing gloves and old clothing.  You must following the instructions to achieve the best results.

DARE temporary hair colours provide fast, fun, fashion-forward colours designed for the young at heart.  DARE colours work best on fair and pre-lightened hair. Brunettes need not despair because deeper shades create a haloed gloss of colour across mid to light brown shades.

Colours RRP $19.95
The range of temporary hair colour will be available exclusively at all Hairhouse Warehouse stores and online.

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Have you ever dared to colour your hair in any of the above colours?  If so I would love to see some photos.


  1. I told my boss that the minute I get fired/quit, my hair is going bright pink hehe DF xo


    1. Why wait! start with a couple of strands, its so much fun!

    2. I get enough stares being an Asian girl with blonde hair in this industry LOL I might see if I could get away with a few strands!

  2. I love the way that looks! And that it lasts for up to 30 washes! I wonder if it'd work on my hair.

    1. I think you should give it a go. You will be surprised! I think No.8 will look good on you. I want to try that colour next!


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