I recently purchased the Cooling Mask from Dermalogica.  I've read good reviews about this product and wanted to give it a go as my skin has been irritated lately especially on my cheeks with my rosacea playing up.

The masque is a blue gel with a somewhat mild antiseptic scent. It is formulated to soothe irritations, cool and clear the skin. It contains plant and fruit extracts including liquorice extract for its soothing properties. The masque helps to reduce redness and clear breakouts while a cooling sensation refreshes and soothes.

This is what the gel looks like

Smearing the cooling masque all over my face including the neck line, my skin began to tingle, in a good calming way. After ten minutes I washed the masque and my skin felt cool and fresh. 

The redness had settled and irritation around the chin area subside,. I have only tried it once and I like this masque. As my skin occasionally does play up due to a combination of environmental factors, air conditioning, stress, exhaustion etc. I will be using this more regularly to see how my skin fairs.

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