I love shoes, I love high heels, well that was before I had my son that is. During the pre-mum years I had an obsession with beautiful shoes regardless whether they were comfortable or not, I was able to tolerate ill-fitting shoes and sacrificed my bunions for style.

After having my son I struggled to find comfortable shoes that were stylish and didn't look like something my gran would wear!

Last week I had a sneak peek at the Frankie4 Spring/Summer 2015 shoe collection which was held in Surry Hills. 

Frankie4 was established in 2010 by Brisbane Physiotherapist and Podiatrist Caroline McCulloch. It was the day one of Caroline's patients cried in the consultation room when she prescribed a 'comfort' shoe as part of her treatment that Caroline realised that looking and feeling good was incredibly important to many women.  I know the feeling I've been there done that.

Frankie4 shoes are not just about style but also comfort. I was quite surprised how stylish the collections was! There were at least three dozen pairs of shoes in the collection and to choose a favourite was almost impossible. What was even more surprising is how much nicer they look on the feet than they did on display.

This is the pair that I picked as my favourite.  The straps covered the bunion at the right place giving me comfort.  They have adjustable straps for those hot days when your feet swell.

These walking shoes were really comfy and I like them on my feet.  They come with two pairs of shoe laces if you want to change things a bit.

Trying on shoes is thirsty work, luckily the girls were equipped with organic juice and yummy protein balls to keep our energy up.

Frankie4 footwear is designed to improve body mechanics and increase comfort with every step all within stylish designs.  

Frankie4 features include: the functional footbed which offers support and comfort from heel to toe, patented Custom Fit system which enables everyone to get a perfect fit, an asymmetrical shape to accommodate and complement the foot's natural movement and the range also offers arthotic friendly options.

The collections offers a range of flats, boots, heels, sandals and ballet flats in a range of colours as well.

Check out Frankie4's website for the entire collection and stockists.