DARE to be different! I've been waiting for something like to hit the market for a while.  I've had my hair blue in the past and wanted to colour it again but didn't want to go to the salon for 3 hours and get my hair peroxided and coloured.  

There's a new hair colouring brand in town and you will be tickled pink to know what you can now do at home!  And all without breaking the budget.

Many celebrities are jumping on the colour trend just like Kayley Cuoco.  So lets brighten up winter with the coolest hair trends for the season.

DARE temporary hair colours provide fast, fun, fashion-forward colours designed for the young at heart.  DARE colours work best on fair and pre-lightened hair. Brunettes need not despair because deeper shades create a haloed gloss of colour across mid to light brown shades. 

DARE acts as a ‘stain’ on the hair-shaft, it is a non-permanent dye that can safely be painted onto either pre-lightened or natural hair colour in just a few simple steps. Best of all DARE in your hair makes the world a more magical place.

With fun names, what's not to love about this latest release in hair creations.  I can't wait to try No 5 & 13.

No. 1 Forget Me Not - An on-trend pastel, Forget Me Not develops as a light violet tone, the perfect subtle shade for those who afraid of commitment. A soft pastel shade Forget Me Not is suitable only  for very blonde hair.

No. 2 Flamingo Feather - A pretty soft pink pastel pigment, Flamingo Feather is a playful shade that looks great all over or perfect for experimentation with dip-dye ends. Flamingo Feather works best on very blonde hair and last only a couple of washes. It’s so great it also acts as a toner for green hair.

No. 3 Blue Moon – The third of our soft pastel shades, Blue Moon creates a sophisticated powder blue tone on very blonde hair.

No. 4 Forbidden Grape – A vibrant option when applied to blonde hair, Forbidden Grape lasts longer (up to 30washes) than pastel DARE shades. Forbidden Grape fades down through washing to a minty blue which can be toned if unwanted using DARE No.2 or DARE No. 5

No. 5 Neon Sherbet – Perfect for light blonde to medium brown hair, Neon Sherbet can last up to 30 washes, fading to a dusty pink through washing. To neutralise unwanted pink after time use small dash of DARE No.3 or DARE No.1 or an in-salon semi-ash toner.

No. 6 Peacock Parade – A rich dark blue hue, Peacock Parade lasts up to 30 washes when used on blonde hair. Peacock Parade creates a beautiful blue halo on mid browns. Fade down of Peacock Parade can be neutralised through No.2 or No. 5 pink shades.

No. 7 Cherry On Top –Cherry on Top develops to a bright, brilliant cherry red shade on blonde hair and a deeper red gloss on brunettes. Lasting up to 30 washes on blondes it will fade to a reddish pink.

No. 8 Raspberry Sorbet – A perfect choice for blondes and brunettes, Raspberry Sorbet holds its colour for up to 30 washes and fades into a dusty pink on blonde locks. Raspberry Sorbet will give mid browns a gloss of pink.

No. 9 Devils Delight – A real statement colour, Devils Delight lasts up to 30 washes on brunette and blonde hair and fades to a pretty reddish pink in the process.

No.11 Dolphin Dreams – A tropical aqua, Dolphin Dreams lasts up to 30 washes on blonde and light brown hair. It fades to a minty shade on blondes and fair hair.

No.13 Mermaid Music – A cool, ocean blue, Mermaid Music lasts up to 30 washes on blonde and mid brown hair, fading to a minty blue on fair hair.

DARE to Mix is a ‘pasteliser’ for any DARE Temporary Hair Colour. Mix it with your chosen DARE to dilute and create a more subtle shade on pre-lightened hair.

This rad range of temporary hair colour will be available exclusively at all Hairhouse Warehouse stores and online. The RRP is only $19.95, including Dare to Mix Pasteliser.

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