Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm
Ella Baché’s Hydra-revitalising Repair Balm is an intensive skin repair balm that glides on & treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body by bathing the skin with moisture.

Water inductors immediately saturate the skin for a plump dewy complexion, with energy inductors quickly re-establishing the skins natural hydration system. Skin is left refreshed, glowing & instantly hydrated!

The Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm has many uses and benefits. Apply a thick layer on a specific area or like a mask over the whole face and allow your skin to drink up the balm for 10 minutes. You can choose to leave it on your skin massage it in until it has disappeared or use a damp cloth to remove the residue of the Balm.

Apply 1 - 3 times per week or as needed. Hydra-revitalising Repair Balm is ideal for treating dehydration caused by extreme climate conditions, air conditioning and travel.

Apply on elbows and knees.  When suffering from the flu you can apply to the nose and lips area to prevent chaffing and redness. Fortunate for me I came down with a cold last week and this was a saviour for the lip and nose area.

Hydra Repulp is such a versatile product.  The name 'Balm' may suggest that it is a thick Vaseline type of product, but it isn't. It is a lightweight lotion with a medium thick consistency but without the heaviness of a cream.  It instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, cool and supple.

The key ingredients & benefits are;
Wheat Germ - Antioxidant rich in vitamins A, D & E that heals, strengthen and nourishes skin.

Shea Butter – Anti-inflammatory restores skin elasticity and softens skin.

Hydraline - Imitates the action of the skin's natural moisturising factor by binding moisture in the skin.

Ella Baché Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm – RRP 75ml $79.00

Hydra Crème de la Crème
A special rich, ultra-comforting and plumping cream made for Australian woman to prevent dehydration and dry skin.

The water loving ingredients in the Hydra Range attracts and binds moisture in the skin; plumping and returning its dewy, youthful appearance. 

The Hydra Crème de la Crème is a rich, non-greasy cream that instantly comforts the most dehydrated skin.  It prevents further water loss and strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier.

It improves the skin’s texture and smooths fine dehydration lines. The skin is plumped and glowing with vitality.

This beautiful rich moisturiser is amazing on the skin.  I have only been using this for the last two weeks and let me tell you, with our current change of weather and icy cold winds, this is exactly what my skin needed.  I have noticed my skin becoming a lot drier these last few weeks due to the cold weather coming, this is usually the cue for me to change moisturisers for winter.  

Even though I have normal skin with some dry patches, my skin drank this up and loved it.  It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, I'm one to dislike heavy products that feel clammy and sticky.   I have been using this day and night.  At night I have only been applying it to the drier areas of my face.

Hydra Revitalising Crème de la Crème uses advanced and higher concentration of ingredients.

The key ingredients & benefits are;
Hyaluronic Grape Flower Essence - Hydrates, plumps, smoothes. Reduces water loss, increases elasticity and stimulates natural cellular hydrating function. 

Hydraline - Imitates the action of the skin’s natural moisturising factor binding moisture in the skin. Restores and protects the skins hydrolipidic film.

Lipidic Patch - Repairs the intercellular cement, strengthening the hydrolipidic barrier limiting excess evaporation of water.

Nymbuline - Repairs anti-dehydration barrier in dehydrated skins, increasing the skin’s capacity to hold moisture.

Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Wheat Germ, Sesame oil - Moisturises and prevents further moisture loss. Restores skin’s dewy complexion and elasticity.

Squalane - Compatible with skin’s natural lipids to moisturise.

I'm really impressed with this moisturiser.  To find the right skincare for you visit any Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores. You can either get your free skin consultation, you can try before you buy with some samples, alternatively book yourself in for one of their amazing facials .  This is also the best way to see if you like the products on your skin.

Hydra-Revitalising Crème de la Crème 50ml - RRP $105.00

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