I have being using CleverWhite strips for about 14 days. The strips were very easy to use, you press the strips onto teeth and fold the hanging edge under. The strips stay until dissolved. Its takes roughly about 10 minutes to complete treatment.

The taste was minty and pleasant. Each strip contains 6% hydrogen peroxide – the highest level of concentration allowed for over-the-counter use in Australia. The strips have been clinically proven by independent European laboratories to be safe and effective.

You do not want to a have a conversation on the phone whilst you have these on your teeth (like I did), way too messy, dribble was hard to control!  

Using them was like have peanut butter on your teeth as it was uncomfortable at first and as by instinct when there is something on your teeth you tend to brush it with your tongue which was difficult to stop, but after a week of using the clear strips it became easier and more tolerable.

The clear strips dissolves into a gel like substance which is very soft and gooey. After 10 minutes I rinsed my mouth out with water and gently removed excess gel with my tongue.

Each strip is individually wrapped
Instructions on the back

This is what the strip looks like

Despite the weird experience, I had immediate successful results, which was very pleasing. Just after my first application I noticed my teeth whiter and after two weeks the yellowness that I had around the teeth-gum line has gone so I am extremely pleased.

My teeth are noticeably whiter and brighter and I had no irritation or sensitivity on my teeth or gums from using CleverWhite.

How does this work?
The secret lies in the product’s dissolving technology which safely administers the correct dosage of the active ingredient onto the teeth. The peroxide release is delivered in a sustained and controlled manner which speeds up absorption by the teeth enamel to achieve exceptional whitening results. This method is so precise that gums won’t be irritated or affected by the ingredient.

The strips also help kill the oral bacteria that cause gum disease – ensuring triple dental action in one single product.

I think this is a great alternative to visiting the dentist. You can do in your own free time, it costs a fraction of the price and the extra dosh you save at the dentist could go towards a nice pair of shoes! I will definitely be using this product for regular maintenance.  

CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips are available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, other leading pharmacies and online – RRP $29.95 for 42 strips

Product was kindly provided by Wordstorm PR