Many foams and gels contain harsh chemicals that strip protective oils from the skin, making it dry and itchy. So when I found out about Oscar products, I was very interested in having hubby trialling this brand as I'm constantly nagging him to shave and he whining in return as he hates shaving as it makes his neck and chin area irritated and sensitive.

Hubby trialled two products, the shaving gel and shaving oil.  I asked him to use both products one week each and then asked him questions. 

First impressions of the product?
When applying it felt smooth on the skin, it didn't foam up as much as I would of liked.  Maybe it is just that I am used to excessive foaming with other brands.

Tell me about your experience using the gel for shaving.
The fragrance was light and pleasant and a lot better than others that I have tried. Shaving was surprisingly easier and the blade glided over much smoother than usual, which surprised me as I didn't think it would because it did not foam up as much.

How did you feel after shaving?
After shaving my skin felt refreshed and moisturised and I did not break out in any redness or rash.  Usually after shaving my skin tends to be dry and I am not a big fan of using moisturising cream or after shave lotion after shaving.  With Oscar Natural Shaving Gel I would not need to use either.

Overall impressions?
I liked it very much and will continue to use it now and in the future.  I could get used it not foaming as much.  I like that fact that it is all natural, I don't think there are products out there for men shaving that is natural. 

What would you give it out of 5?
I give it 4.5/5.

First impressions of the product?
When applying it felt oily on my fingers, it was easy to apply to my face and it doesn't foam up at all.   I do not like the feeling of this one that much, I have to wash my hands thoroughly to rid of the oil so I can grip my razor securely.

Tell me about your experience using the oil for shaving.
The fragrance for the oil was also light and pleasant. Shaving was OK, I personally didn't like the oil, I like to have some visibility of the product on my face so I can be assured that the areas I'm shaving is well lubricated. 

How did you feel after shaving?
After shaving my skin felt a bit greasy but smooth. My skin wasn't irritated.  As I have mentioned before I do not like using moisturisers as I find the feeling of creams and oils on my face greasy.  I personally prefer the gel over the oil.

Overall impressions?
You can feel the quality, I think this product is more suited for sculpting a beard or goatee for a more precise shaving but for me I prefer the gel.

What would you give it out of 5?
I give it 3/5.

Depending on what you prefer whether it be the gel or oil, both products are fantastic for men.  Oscar Natural Shaving Gel and Oil comes in two ranges regular and sensitive.  With quality products at an affordable price, made in Australia and 100% organic you can be reassured that you are only putting the best on your skin.

Prices start from $7.99 and for more information about Oscar products or to purchase on-line checkout  http://www.oscarnatural.com or in the following stores Priceline, The Shaver Shop, Coles, Woolworths, Foodland/IGA and yousave Chemist

Trial products were kindly provided by Storm PR.