The Bloggers Brunch was organised and hosted by Kids Business. I was counting down the days to attend my first Bloggers Brunch, I had no idea what to expect.  I knew who the sponsors were and guest speakers, this got me all excited but I wasn't sure what to do, how to dress, and what was going to be expected of me, so I was quite nervous. When I arrived, there was a large crowd already waiting to enter.  I immediately relaxed once I saw many mums dressed casually and some with their children.

As I walked into the door I grabbed my name tag and was greeted with a lovely smile and received my first gift. An organza bag with lollies with "Bloggers rock" in it (they were delicious too), a book and pen with I 'heart' blogging" printed on the cover (absolutely true) and a nail file, (just what I needed as I broke two nails carrying all my goodies).

Once inside, the atmosphere was electric, it was buzzing with loads of voices, friendly faces and exhibitor tables showcasing their products. 

I didn't know where to begin so I headed straight to Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. I love Dyson,
they have made my life so much easier since owning their vacuum cleaner.

I now have my eyes set on another Dyson, The Dyson Digital Slim. Its cordless and lightweight. Its definitely my must-have for Christmas. I tried the one that was on display and it was easy to use and manoeuvre.  I can even vacuum my curtains, stairs and cornices with no problem. There are no barrels or cords to be in the way and I can zip through several rooms without the plug popping out of its socket.  Mind you it only has a battery life of 20 minutes once charged as it is not supposed to replace the conventional cord vacuum cleaner but this won't phase me I want one anyways.

Before handing back the Dyson to the oh so friendly Dyson rep (after attempting to discretely walk away with it), I was handed a gift, a toy vacuum cleaner, it was awesome.  My son will be chuffed when he receives it.

My next pit stop was Spotlight. I love scrapbooking and crafts. There was so much laid out on their table, I was oohing and aaahing at everything. Asked lots of questions and they had all the answers. I touched and played with the display it was fantastic.

Spotlight hold workshop classes if you are interested in learning how to make things or sew. Check their website or contact your local Spotlight for further information.

Before I left I was given a gift bag with lots of goodies for me and my son to explore.

Moving along to the next table was Nads. They were providing a helpful service to tidy up neglected eyebrows and any stray nose hairs.  I decided to try the nose hair wax, not because I have a hairy nose but to experience it so when I talk to hubby and friends about it I can tell them exactly what to expect.  Maybe I will have the honour to wax a few noses! 

I was extremely surprised that it didn't hurt at all. Once I do hubby's hairy nose, I will be taking pictures and politely bribe him that the pics will be uploaded to facebook if I do not get a Dyson for Christmas! 

Nads also had another new product on display, one that I did not know Nad's did.  It's called Nitwits. This caught my attention as my son has started kindy this year and already there were two nits outbreak, luckily my son did not 
catch them at the time but I like to be armed and prepared.
The beauty of Nitwits is that it's all natural, unlike the chemical ones sold at pharmacies. So it is gentle on the kids scalp and on the nose.

My favourite pit stop was Kambrook. Products that make difficult jobs a breeze, especially for mums like me who dislike the mess and fuss of cooking and find it difficult to create masterpieces.

I found myself getting all excited over the ice cream maker and cake pops, (who would of thought, if only my friends could see me!) I'm quite fussy with ice cream, I don't like them too sweet and to know I am now able to make my own is fab. As for the cake pop maker I had no idea how simple they were to make. Kambrook provides all the necessities to complete a creation and look like a super cook mum.

Kambrook generously gave a choice of an ice cream maker or cake pop maker to each attendee. Inside the goodie bag was also a notebook, A5 size folder of recipes, an apron and cookbook for the little one.

Why haven't I discovered this brand before? Maybe because before this event it was mostly aimed at men, but I am so glad that they exhibited at the brunch. I learnt so much that day and was inspired by some of their displays.
My favourite products were Dry Erase, Frosted Glass and Universal Metallic Paint.

Dry Erase Paint is a smooth, hard finish that creates a white writeable-erasable surface. Once dry, simply use any dry erase markers to draw or write messages and then erase. Lots of fun for the kiddies and parents.

Frosted Glass is a can so it is easy to use and control. It adds a semi-transparent coating for decoration or privacy. It can be used for a million things like frosting a glass tabletop for the outdoors. Decorate boring glass candle holders or bottles like the picture below.

Metallic paint, ooh this was my favourite. Universal is the world's first all-surface spray paint. It is specifically formulated to work on diverse surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, brick, concrete and vinyl. Its ergonomic comfort grip houses a unique trigger mechanism which delivers an advanced spray system that can dispense paint at any angle - even upside down! See the image below on what could be achieved with it. Pretty votive's for Christmas.

After ogling and touching their Rust-Oleum display I was given a goodie bag that contained items shown below.

I totally love arts and crafts and am very fortunate that my 5 year old has also developed a love for it and we can create beautiful art projects together.

Philadelphia have created delicious ready-made frosting's for cupcakes and cakes. This takes the mess and fuss out of decorating. There are two flavours Cadbury chocolate and lemon flavour.

Philadelphia have also created some yummy stir through sauces, I now have no excuses when I complain of "lack of time to cook" as these yummy stir throughs can create a meal in less than 15 minutes. Available flavours Thai Green Curry and Tomato & Italian Herb.
I taste tested some food that was on offer from sweet cupcakes to savoury ones. They were light that the taste of cream cheese was barely noticeable but the flavours were dancing on my tastebuds.
I walked away with a lovely little cooler bag stuffed with Philadelphia goodies to try at home.

Jewels, charms and engraved personalised rings and necklaces were all on display. So many beautiful pieces to choose from. There are stores nationwide and you can also purchase on their website.

Here is an image of my favourite ring, it was so nice. See how flattering it was on my finger? In the Beville's goodie bag there was a nifty jewellery cleaner, catalogues and a $20 gift voucher to spend (already been there and spent it).

Brown Sugar
This is a clothing company with so many beautiful pieces, I didn't know where to start.  Sadly, I did not get the opportunity to get try them on as I wasn't the only eager parent there that liked their clothes.  Oh well there is always the Internet. 

Thank you Kids Business for make my day memorable and creating such an opportunity for us Bloggers. It was so much fun and I got to meet some lovely people, and I learnt stuff about some big name brands out there, and what they do.


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