Dove Body Silk Moisturiser Review

I received a lovely prize in the mail that consisted of Dove triple moisturising body wash, Loofah and supreme body silk. I'm so glad that I did because it is not a product that I would pick on the shelf of a supermarket and buy.  Not because of the brand or packaging, I've just never really been into moisturising my body and didn't realise after using it how much my body needed it.

Dove Body Silk is a rich silky moisturising cream for all skin types. It is suitable for use all over the body and is non-greasy. It will nourish rough skin, leaving it soft and silky especially on the knees and elbows.

After a shower I used Dove Supreme body silk and it felt oh so lush. My skin absorbed it instantly and felt silky smooth and smelt delicious. There was no sticky residue, I was able to get dressed almost immediately.

Me love this product long time.

My overall rating - 4/5 - Affordable with the luxury feel.