Biotherm Aquasource Nuit Review

Info on product

Aquasource Nuit contains revolutionary skin care technology to specifically address the overnight hydration needs in any skin type. Concentrated in Mannose, Thermal Plankton Cellular Water and P. Antarctica, a micro-organism that has the unique ability to retain water, Aquasource Nuit helps replenish skin's water reserves. 

I purchased this product after reading reviews from other users.  I had run out of my night cream so it worked out well.

My skin type is combination and can at times be sensitive. I have been using this product for the past 4 weeks, and am happy to say this product is amazing. Previously I would only apply night cream to areas of my face that felt dry, the rest of my face had no cream as I usually wake up with shiny and oily skin in the mornings especially in the warmer months.

Aquasource Nuit is a blue jelly like formulation. When applied to my skin it instantly feels cool and calming and absorbs almost immediately. My skin instantly feels supple and fresh. In the morning my skin is still soft and smooth with no oiliness or the feeling of yukkyness.

Over the 4 weeks my skin hydration levels have improved as well as the look and texture of my skin.

At $59.00 for a 50ml bottle, you can't get better than this for a night gel moisturiser. Effective and kind to the skin.

My overall rating - 4/5