Aveeno Active Naturals - Positively Radiant Cleanser

I love trawling the isles in Priceline looking for new products and brands that have hit the shelves.

This time round I discovered Aveeno.  A softer natural range from the people behind Johnson & Johnson.

I stocked up on body wash, body moisturiser and bath milk.  I absolutely love Aveeno range especially for my son.

The fragrance is soft and subtle and very inviting. It is very gentle to use on children. The packaging is friendly and natural looking. The bottle fits nicely in my hand without slipping.  The texture of the cleanser is soft, smooth and silky which felt really nice. 

The cleanser is gentle with very little foaming.  I personally prefer a product to foam up, I feel like I get a better clean.

Price tag is mid range with the occasional specials at Priceline, Woolies or Coles