Not Suitable for Children Movie review

Directed by: Peter Templeman
Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Bojana Novakovic and Laura Brent

Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) is a free spirited guy who loves to party and have fun until he finds out that he has testicular cancer and that he will be infertile in a month.  He searches through past girlfriends and future potential women to have a baby with before it's too late. With the help of his best friends, Jonah is on the road to self discovery about truths and reality about life and love and his desperation to become a father until he finds true love with his best friend and realises that having a child is not as important as finding the one to spend the rest of his life with.

This movie is entertaining right from the start. It does help that Ryan Kwanten (such a babe), was the leading actor.
It was set in the suburbs of inner sydney.  It has drama, comedy and romance, the perfect mixture for a great movie.  I caught myself moving in my seat when there was music, eyes welling up and laughing loads.  This is such a quality movie one that I could watch again and again.  There was no pretences or fairy tale fiction but more real situations with real issues that everyday people may go through.

Another quality movie pumped out of Oz.  It was nice to see an Aussie export Ryan Kwanten to find time in his schedule to come back home and film a great movie.

Overall Rating – 5/5