My first encounter with Alpha-H was with Liquid Gold. I used the Liquid gold on my arms where I had pigment and scarring from Keratosis Pilaris to fade the marks and loved the results. So when I was offered to trial the Gentle Daily Exfoliant, I promptly replied, yes please!

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant is a zero-abrasion micro-exfoliating treatment. It lifts away dead, dull and tired skin cells ensuring a smooth fresh canvas each and every day. Suitable for all skin types and is free of synthetic and artificial ingredients.

Formulated with crushed, water activated fruit enzymes derived from Green Papaya and Pineapple, it leaves skin smooth and fresh, by clearing congested pores and blackheads, reduce inflammation and diminish uneven pigmentation all while moisture retention is increased.

The pineapple extract enzymes breaks down corneocytes (dead skin) on the skin to achieve immediate exfoliation whilst the papaya extract is excellent in stabilising oily skin & working as an exfoliant on dry areas. It also aids in the natural lift & rejuvenation of the skin as it contains vitamins A & C.

The enzymes also work to break down the keratin protein in the hair follicle on your face by reducing the hair shaft diameter and density. This in turn helps to weaken stubborn facial hair and gradually reduce re-growth.  This would have to be the best news ever, I have an excess amount of white face fluff that is not only annoying but also a confidence buster.

The Gentle Daily Exfoliant is a powder that turns into a paste when mixed with water. You mix the powder in the palm of your hands until a paste is created and then you massage onto your face in a circular motion. I would say the amount you need is roughly the size of a 20c coin.

After cleansed, skin feels as if it's just been cleansed but not exfoliated.

I have been using the Gentle Daily Exfoliant for two weeks. I note that my skin's texture is so much more smoother and softer as well as appearing clearer and less dehydrated.  My skincare regime was working a whole lot better than before as I can feel my skin now reaping the skincare benefits.  My skin is a lot brighter and the redness I encounter around cheeks are no longer as irritated as before. This doesn't mean it has cured or resolved my redness problem it has calmed it down.

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant retails for $62.00 are are available at selected salons and stores. To find a stockist near you visit their website here.

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  1. I'm really curious about this brand so thanks for the review! It's so cool that it's a powder and a chemical exfoliant all in one. That's awesome that it improved the texture of your skin!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


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