I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to take part in Ego's Skin Health Tips campaign, by providing a top tip that I would like to share with consumers.

I have loads of tips but I picked my most important tip to be shared with everyone.

I believe I have pretty good skin for my age and it's all down to my dedicated beauty regime that I have in place which I started in my early 20s and my one must-have product in that regime is sunblock.

What's the point of spending loads of money on an anti-ageing skincare if you are outdoors without protection. The majority of damage is caused by the harmful rays and without protecting our skin, the damage can be irreversible.

I've seen people on the beach applying sunscreen so fast that it looks like they are slapping their face and arms! Take the time to apply as doing it so vigorously you'll end up missing parts of your face and body. It only takes that little unprotected spot for the damage to start or even skin cancer to develop.

When applying sunscreen ensure that you cover the entire face, ears, neck (including back of neck) and decollete. You don't want a youthful face with bumpy ears and wrinkly chest area do you?

So here is my top skin health tip!

Ego has a large variety of products available for the whole family and in that range includes a selection of sunblock to suit all lifestyles.

I have already gotten my family into the habit to never leave the house without sunscreen, so when they grow up it will be part of their lives and routine.

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