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The Beauty Exchange, aka TBX, is a Melbourne based brand that has created a collection of functional beauty tools that inspire an exciting, fashion-forward lifestyle. Their online store is equipped with a fabulous range of makeup brushes, hair styling, manicure tools and much more. 

TBX offers exceptional quality beauty tools at affordable prices as well looking stylish on the dresser.

With my makeup box on my dresser and all the drawers neatly organised, the one area I seemed to have neglected was my makeup brushes. They are all bunched up in two cylinders.

So I currently have a serious crush on this brand right now. Their signature colour is black with clean sleek lines, oozing sophistication. I like everything about this collection.

All TBX brushes have magnetic bottoms which attach to the rectangle brush holder. Your brushes can be placed upright, sideways or upside down. This give a clean, organised look.

I will be reviewing 4 of the 12 brushes in the range. 

The Clique Rectangular Brush Holder

The Clique is designed to display your collection of all your magnetic tools in any preferred arrangement. It's sleek and stylish, taking up very little room. You click your brushes easily into place displaying them all neatly.

The Clique is perfect to air dry your brushes after washing them, prolonging their life by keeping them in shape as well as less chance of water seeping into the head of the brushes where they are glued together.

The frame is engineered using high-grade metal and finished with a matte black coating and rubber feet so it doesn't slide around or scratch the surface.

I love my cube so much I did some research online to see how it fared with other brands and could only find two brands that did magnetic brushes. Pony Effect & Rae Morris do them as well but TBX are the only brand that sell the smaller cube and at a better price. 

Personally I don't use that many brushes that warrants half my beauty bench to be taken up by a half filled cube. I like that it's compact and still able to hold a good amount of brushes on it. But really how many brushes do you actually need? If you have quality ones you only need  the base essentials. But, if the cube doesn't tickle your fancy you TBX offer a magnetic plate as well!

Stippling Brush
I honestly have never heard of a stippling brush before, so was intrigued and did some research. Once I googled what it was I realised I owned two but never knew it's name!

A stippling brush can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder and highlighters. It also works a treat in applying liquid and cream products. Awesome!

Stippling brushes usually have two-toned bristles: a black base with pointed white bristles at the top. The bristles spread from the handle in a cone shape and come to points at the end.

The brush is very soft. The sparser stippling bristles give a lighter but still flawless coverage while also using less product than a dense buffing brush. I can really see this becoming an staple brush for me.

Kabuki Brush
A Kabuki brush is a short stumpy brush.  Reminds me of those barber shaving cream brushes.

The bristles are very dense and incredibly soft. the brush blends powdered make up evenly on the skin and creates a very natural looking coverage.

I used this to apply setting powder all over my face and also buff my highlighter, blush and contour for a flawlessly blended finish.

Concealer Brush
The concealer brush has a combining flat and tapered shape, the bristles are made with soft synthetic fibres enabling a flawless application of cream and liquid concealers.

This is the first time I've actually used a concealer brush and was surprised how much better the application was. I mainly used my fingers but never got the flawless finish I aim for.

Fan Highlighter Makeup Brush
The Fan Highlighter brush is used to highlight your cheekbones, nose and decolletage.

Made with badger hair this feather-light fan brush softly and seamlessly applies powders, powder foundations, highlighters, and blush.

This is another brush that I have never used before.  I did have one in my brush set ages ago and had no idea what to do with it so I gave it away.

It's a funny thing, I do a lot of research on products and how to use them properly and the only area I had been neglecting were my brushes.  Instead of looking into what brushes I had and their uses it seemed easier to dismiss them, but this didn't do me any favours when I apply my makeup. I was making it harder for myself to achieve the results I was after. Realising now the right tools give you the look you want in half the time!

What is also important is the quality of brushes.  You can be on either side of the spectrum, you can get carried away with fancy looking brushes and purchasing them because they are sparkly or  you will choose the cheaper one because it looks the same and the dearer one but only to find out when you use the brushes, the bristles are rough and scratchy and don't blend too well.

TBX gives you the base essential in brushes without the fanciness and without comprising on quality for a really competitive price.  With their sturdy handles and uber soft bristles TBX are definitely a standout in this competitive market.

The TBX website provides tips and how-tos on their blog link as well as selling their entire range. There is free shipping for orders over $40 which is great and achievable as you don't feel obligated in spending a heap just to get free shipping so you can gradually build your collection.

The Beauty Exchange brushes and accessories are available online on their website or at Priceline.  

Products were sent for consideration. My opinion remains my own.


  1. Love your post. It's good to know that we great products like this available in Australia, instead of ordering overseas and paying a fortune on postage I can now purchase locally.


  2. You just sold me... LOL Trangles xoxo


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