Occasionally I receive products for men to review which is a great as it gives variety on my blog. Hubby loves it when new products arrive for him as he love discovering new brands and products as much as I do.

Speick is a small family owned business from Germany. With over 85 years in the industry of personal care products and using only natural ingredients, Speick has a holistic approach that dates all the way back to its founder.   Speick formulations are unique when using ingredients, this is what makes Speick products very popular in Europe.

The Name
Speick (pronounced ‘Spike') is a rare botanical plant (also known as Valeriana celtica) that has therapeutic properties and the brand name was derived from this plant. 

The fascinating aspect of Speick as a medicinal plant is its balancing effect. It has a calming effect on the central nervous system while simultaneously stimulating the vegetative nervous system. Speick relaxes without tiring and revitalises the body and mind.

Speick has an extensive range of products for men ranging from skincare, shaving products, fragrances and deodorants. There are two ranges for men, Speick Men and Speick Men Active.

My partner has trialled and provided me with feedback on two products I received.

Shaving Cream
The shaving cream has a spicy scent, it almost has a hint of menthol to it. It is a classic, manly, spicy, punchy and a bit old-fashioned fragrance.  

It has an opalesence colour which is really nice.

Lathering takes very little work creating a lovely thick lather on the face making shaving a breeze. The blade moved smoothly on the skin.  There was no burning or irritation and it seems to give a nice mild cooling sensation.

I was intrigued so I used it when shaving my legs.  I have to say it felt really luxe using this and made shaving my legs a lot easier.  I have tried a few shaving cream for ladies and this one is definitely better than what I have experienced.

Active After Shave Balsam
The After Shave Balsam soothes even sensitive skin. It has a light lotion texture containing organic aloe vera gel and soothing witch hazel extract.  This product smells a lot like the brand Jurlique.

Hubby doesn't usually use after shave lotion but he really liked that way this one felt on his skin.  It's refreshing on the skin after shaving. No breakouts or skin irritation was experienced.  Apply to a clean shaven face, lightly massaging with your hands until the balsam is absorbed. There is no residue or stickiness felt on the skin.

Speick Men Active After Shave Balsam - RRP $29.95
Speick Men Shaving Cream - RRP $10.95

Speick can be purchased online or from a number of stores.  For more info on Speick and stockists visit.

These products were provided for consideration


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